What is Windows 11 LTSC? – What are its features, pros, & cons?

As the name suggests, Windows 11 LTSC is the Long-Term Servicing Channel designed for a specific set of organizations with delicate systems. The Windows 11 LTSC devices aren’t bound to receive any feature update with changes or improvements and will work only in an expected manner.

Microsoft recommends a Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) for most of the users to receive feature updates once a year with the new features and quality improvements. These Windows 11 devices will also get the monthly cumulative updates to fix the existing issues along with the latest security patches. Users also have to compulsory update to the latest feature update before the previous one expires in six to twelve months.

windows 11 ltsc vs sac

On the other hand, Windows 11 LTSC is meant for devices with very specific purposes such as for medical evaluation, printing lab reports, integrated with the machines, industrial purposes, CCTV Cameras, etc. Hence, Windows 11 LTSC will get five years of support with the latest security updates. These devices will also have their own drawbacks over the normal SAC hence wisely take the decision before moving to the LTSC.

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When Windows 11 will get the LTSC?

Microsoft has already released Windows 11 IoT Enterprise edition to support the ongoing innovations and new features for IoT devices. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC editions were also announced by the second half of the year 2021. That’s Windows 10 21H2 Version will mark the release of both LTSC versions.

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On the other hand, Windows 11 LTSC is expected by the next feature update. Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC will get the support of 5 years and the Windows 11 IoT LTSC will continue to receive the 10 years support. The current non-LTSC IoT Enterprise version will get 36 months of service from Microsoft.

Windows 11 LTSC Candence & Support

Microsoft reduced Windows Enterprise LTSC lifespan support from 10 years to 5 years matching with the next release of Microsoft Office. Whereas, Microsoft will continue supporting Windows Enterprise IoT LTSC for 10 years. The Windows 11 LTSC versions will also align with the same timestamps.

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 LTSC versions in 2016, 2019, and 2021 to match with the Office Versions. The new Windows 11 LTSC free upgrade for the current LTSC users is expected once in every three years to align to the Office releases in the future.

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Windows 11 LTSC Updates

The Windows 11 devices on the LTSC are expected to do a particular task with a specific app or software. Such devices are first tested and released by the manufacturers to continue operating for a longer time period without any disturbances or improvements.

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Moreover, Windows LTSC devices receive security updates through the Semi-Annual Channel to maintain a strong firewall. The administrator may defer the quality updates from Management through Windows Update for Business. Also, the upgrade to the newer LTSC version will be free for the users.

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When to choose the Windows 11 LTSC edition?

Each LTSC version is built by considering all the available hardware and peripherals. Their support for the Processor, GPU, RAM, Storage, and other components is clearly stated in the documentation. The next series of processors or graphics may or may not be compatible with the past LTSC version. The same goes for the third-party Applications, their future release may not be supported on the current Windows version.

So if you are sure with particular hardware and software to continue their reign for a decade then Windows 11 LTSC version will the best investment for your organization or system. On the other hand, LTSC will be the worst decision for the non-suitable systems.

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