Buy Windows 11 (Pro/Home) Key for Free or at Cheap

Microsoft announced Windows 11 at the online launch event on the 24th of June, 2021. Microsoft’s new operating system is packed with a bunch of new features. Users either have to buy or activate Windows 11 for free to experience new features such as minimalist start menu, focused taskbar, multiple desktops for the same screen, action center, notifications with calendar, acrylic context menu without edges, and a lot more.

android apps shortcut start menu windows 11

Windows 11 is considered as a new Windows XP, to break all the previous records set by Windows 10 and 7. Windows XP redefined how the operating system looked and worked after its launch. It changed the Microsoft roadmap to the best software company across the world. Windows 11 has also brought a lot of changes from the minimum hardware requirements to design, look, and UI. It’s expected to continue the same popularity amongst PC users.

Well, Windows 10 users will continue to get support from Microsoft until 2025 but it won’t be able to share the Windows 11 perks. Microsoft is trying out all new features one after the other through several Insider Previews and is expected to release Windows 11 by the end of October 2021. Until then join Windows Insiders Dev or Beta channel from Windows 10 to get a free upgrade or buy Windows 11 product key for cheap from our sources.

Get Windows 11 for Free

Microsoft has kept Windows 11 as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. Who doesn’t like free upgrades without paying a dime? If you already have an older version of Windows 10 then you can get Windows 11 Home or Pro version for absolutely free.

Microsoft attracts most of its users from their older version to move to the newer version. It’s a very nice tactic to continue their lead into the market. More users of newer Windows 11 will attract more developers to make their apps available for the latest version. It will create a wider ecosystem with the best userbase.

Anyway, you must take advantage of this offer to get Windows 11 upgrade without spending a dime. Your Windows 10 PC or Laptop must not be five years old with 4 GB of RAM and more than 64 GB of System Drive Storage. It must have enabled UEFI Boot from BIOS with the Secure Boot option and TPM 2.0 chip support. Rest Graphics Card and Processor will support Windows 11 for sure.

Once you have configured all the requirements to get Windows 11 for free then head to the Windows Insider Program from Update & Security settings.

windows insider program

Get started with your Microsoft Account to receive an update from Dev or Beta Channel.

dev channel

Then restart your Windows 10 PC to apply settings and check for updates to receive Windows 11 Insider Preview update for free. It will automatically download and install the update in the background then ask to restart your PC to apply the updates.

windows 11 update

Once the free update is fully applied then you will see Windows 11 Start Menu on your screen.

windows 11 start menu with search

It’s that easy to get Windows 11 for free.

Buy Windows 11 Home or Pro Key at Cheap

Microsoft has discontinued 32-bit versions with Windows 11, hence only 64-bit version is recommended to buy from third-party sellers. You might be thinking about how come third-party websites are selling legitimate Windows 11 Key at the negligible $10-$30 cost compared to $130-$200 from the official Microsoft Store.

Thousands of Computers and laptops turn into the trash on the daily basis. Third-party websites and services extract legitimate activation keys from the archived machines to redistribute to users like us at the Cheap cost of $10-$30.

Their second source is to get it at the wholesale rate from the manufacturers. Manufacturers might be receiving Windows keys with a specific time limit from Microsoft. Third-party distributors resell at a cheaper rate from the manufacturer before all activation keys get expire.

Currently, Windows 10 key will work with Windows 11 Home or Pro edition. In case you can’t find the Windows 11 key from the trusted website then get Windows 10 key and apply it for Windows 11. It will definitely work for all the Windows 11 versions including Home, Pro, Home Single Language, Education, and Enterprise editions.

Activate Windows 11 from Microsoft Store

Windows 11 is available for sale on Microsoft Store or their official website. Windows 11 Home will cost around $130 and Windows 11 Pro costs $200 from both sources. If you aren’t sure about which Windows 11 edition to buy then check out our detailed comparison on Windows 11 Pro and Home.

Windows 11 Home mostly constitutes single PC users without the need of managing a business, virtualization using Hyper V, Remote Desktop, and Sandbox. On the other hand, Windows 11 Pro is mostly for managing employees in small businesses. Microsoft Store apps and Windows updates for business are used to distribute on the network of computers. Group Policy, Domain Join, Kiosk Mode, and Azure Active Directory are the extra perks for Pro users.

Now let’s see the step to activate Windows 11 from Microsoft Store or buy it from their official website.

Launch the Windows 11 Settings app from the Start menu or control center.

windows 11 start menu dark mode settings icon

Scroll down to the Activation settings option.

activation windows 11

Tap on the Open Store to Get a new Windows 11 license from the Microsoft Store app.

windows 11 home to pro

Buy Windows 11 Pro or Home license for $130-$200.

upgrade to windows 11 pro

How to Apply Windows 11 Activation Key?

Windows 11 Activation key will unlock all the personalization options along with blocked features and remove Activate Windows Watermark from the Windows 11 desktop wallpaper. It’s super easy to apply and activate Windows 11 Key from the settings.

Launch the Windows 11 Settings and go to Activation from the System settings options. Change or enter a Windows 11 sixteen-digit product key.

change windows 11 product key

Restart your PC to apply the Windows 11 Home or Pro changes.

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