Windows 11 Gaming Features and Performance Benchmarks

Microsoft has brought a lot of new and improved features through Windows 11 on our table. Microsoft Windows 11 has got everything we asked for. A new and simple Start Menu, Centered Taskbar, Rounded Corners, Android Apps Support, Improved Microsoft Store, Enhanced Multiple Screen Support, Snap Views, and lots of new icons. With so many new features and changed designs, Microsoft has also got exciting news for the Gamers.

Windows has always performed much better than Linux and macOS in Gaming. Linux has turned out to be developers-centric by bringing a lot of cool technologies for creating and connecting apps. macOS is better for completing professional work on editors or at last editing videos. Well, Windows has always scored much better and completely took over the Gaming market.

Microsoft took over the Gaming market from Windows 7 and XP by keeping bringing new and improved DirectX support. DirectX allowed the media and especially games to directly use the Graphics Cards. Which gave tremendous accelerator to the gameplay in the best resolution with the best FPS. It enabled the creators to bring the best for their players on Windows and also created a tight bond between the players and Windows.

directx 12 windows 11

One more turning point is the ongoing development with the Microsoft-owned Xbox. Xbox gaming console has improved over time for the best gaming technology. This time Microsoft has applied the same Xbox logic to bring the best gaming experience on Windows 11.

That’s the pleasant history to keep rocking Gaming on Windows 11 but let’s closely look at new Gaming features coming to Windows 11.

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Auto HDR Graphics

The HDR stands for High Dynamic Range in terms of videos resolution of games. Windows 11 will automatically process the games in HDR mode to give you an exemplary experience of games. Previous DirectX versions used to support only the conversion up to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). Well, Modern Windows games are usually built on DirectX 11 and higher, Windows 11 will apply the enhancements of DirectX technology for HDR Graphics.

auto hdr windows 11

Auto HDR technology was first introduced in Xbox Series X & S consoles which gave an excellent output both for creators and gamers. It took quite a time to cook the developer recipe for Xbox’s new consoles but they give fair competition to Sony Playstations. What could be more awesome than getting Xbox technology for absolutely free on Windows 11 PC?

The HDR gives much quality in all the segments including video, audio, and refresh rate. The main focus for HDR gaming will be an amazing brightness for the ongoing video to clearly identify all sorts of materials, equipment, trees, paths, enemies, animals, water bodies, and everything in gameplay. The distinct range of colors will create a separate line between different game objects. Overall image production will include from the lightest to the darkest contrast.

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Again, DirectStorage is used from the Xbox technology to render games directly from the GPU without major CPU usage. Graphics cards are specially built for gaming and DirectStorage will make your full games work only on the GPU to give their best output. Games played on the shared usage of CPU and GPU make them a bit laggy due to sharing of data between each other but only GPU being involved will load huge games at super lightening speed.

This technology requires special hardware and driver support to fully enable this feature. Windows 11 PCs hardware will be pre-optimized for the DirectStorage technology with all sorts of supported hardware and their drivers. Further, it can be enhanced by using the advanced DirectStorage hardware.

Extensive Hardware Support with Windows 11

Gamers love to play with their best controller, keyboard, mouse, speaker, and headset. Windows 11 will bring gamers more closer by supporting millions of external devices. Some gamers love to use the same Xbox controller for gaming and PC gamers will bang with their favorite mechanical keyboard. From thousands of gaming mice to the Adaptive controller of Xbox, Windows 11 will support them all.

xbox controller on windows 11 controller

Gaming headsets are also the most required ears and mic to keep you connected with your friend’s voices. External GPUs will be the cherry on the top for the stud gamers.

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft introduced Game Pass for gamers to keep banging on their PCs. Xbox native app on Windows 11 will include thousands of Xbox Pass Games on your PC. It will be easier to get your hands on the new games from their launch dates.

Xbox Game Pass include varieties of games from different culture including Action, Shooting, War, Battle Royal, Criminal, Brainstorming, and Puzzle. You won’t need to spend hundreds of bucks on new games, everything will be included at the mere cost of a Game Pass.

game pass windows 11

With an Ultimate Game Pass subscription, you will even be able to stream games on their clouds from your browsers. No need to update Windows 11 PC with costly hardware to Game on the cloud, even an average Windows 11 Laptop can handle heavy games from their clouds. The Ultimate membership will include EA Play membership for free.

Xbox Game Pass will further support the multiplayer games between Xbox and Windows 11. Windows 11 users will even be able to start off from their saved Xbox game.

Gaming Performance Benchmarks of Windows 11

Windows 10 gaming performance was already up to the mark for the heavy titles with the appropriate processor and graphics card. The same glory will also continue on Windows 11 with the enhanced Auto HDR Graphics, DirectStorage, Extensive Hardware Support, and Integrated Xbox App for Game Pass.

The HDR will give the best graphics quality and DirectStorage will fasten the performance. Xbox Game Pass and Hardware supports are extra features for gamers.

Ultimately Windows 11 will set the new sky limit benchmarks for Gaming.

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