{3 Methods}How to Stop Chrome from Blocking Downloads?

As we know that chrome is the best platform to download, search and gain knowledge from it. Many users are complaining that some times chrome block our downloads. Yes, it’s true that chrome blocks the download by saying that it’s malicious file and will damage your phone or PC. Chrome also works as the best protector as it protects your device from malware. As we know that chrome has rigid policies that’s why chrome block some downloads by giving an error. If we talk about its feature it provides the option of safe browsing which means if you want to download a file but it’s dangerous to your device chrome will give you an error message which will block your download. So, this how chrome works. Now the question is how to stop chrome from blocking downloads? Here is the trick to unblock your download which was blocked by chrome due to some issues.chrome blocking downloads

Change Setting of Chrome

As I have discussed safe browsing so you know that when it works, just disable this option from chrome setting when you want to download the file which is blocked by chrome. To apply this trick or to know how to disable the Safe Browsing option from chrome setting follows the below steps:

Step 1: First of all open chrome and click on 3 vertical dots which is at top and tap on Setting option.Chrome settings to fix blocking downloads

Step 2: Now click on Advanced option for further process.Advance settings to fix problem

Step 3: In the advanced options click on Privacy and Security.

Step 4: Lastly turn off the option name as Safe Browsing.chrome safe browsing

So, this was an easy method to prevent Chrome from blocking downloads. Now you can download any file but if the download is successfully finished just go in setting and on the option name as Safe Browsing because it will protect your device by malware and will make aware about the malicious file which is good for your device.

Disable Windows Defender

As we know that Windows Defender also protects our PC from malware. Some times file is fully downloaded but it denied to open so in this type of situation turn off the Windows Defender and download the file again to check whether its opening or not. I am sure that it will open. If you are facing this problem, just follow the below points to disable Windows Defender:

  • Just go on the start menu and click on Setting option.
  • By clicking on Setting you will see many options among all options click on Update and Security.Windows Defender turn off
  • Now tap on Windows Security.
  • Click on Virus and Threat Protection.
  • Tap on Virus and Threat Settings.
  • Finally, do the toggle Off of Real-Time Protection.Real time protection toggle off

Disabling Windows Defender will also disable Chrome from blocking and deleting downloads. You can also download once again and you can check it, it’s working or not. But after the download process, you must On the toggle of Real-time Protection because it detects malware and makes your PC free from problems.

Use third-party Download Software

Third Party Download Software has many features like, it downloads file speedily, it checks automatic virus, it also downloads the file which was not fully downloaded by some error or we can say that resume downloading, you can also simply drag and drop links to the third party software. So, this was an overview of the features of the third party downloaded software. There are many third-party download software but the best one is IDM. The full form of IDM is Internet Download Manager. If we talk about its feature, quite interesting because its best software to use.


Download IDM, it will give you a 1-month free trial for which you have to register.

Now install IDM Extention chrome from the chrome web store. And then Add to Chrome.

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I hope that all solutions will work for you and you will be easily able to download files on your chrome browser. Make sure that you follow step by step all the points given in the above solutions.

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  1. You make the conversation a lot easier. I was not able to download videos and the crack software from chrome. Turning off antivirus real-time protection allowed for a temporary time period and I just required the file for a few minutes.

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