How to remove SearchMine from MAC and Chrome?

remove searchmine mac chrome

Users prefer Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other popular browsers for searching on the internet. has always remained everyone’s favorite search engine because it’s easy to find answers to our queries on Google. Nowadays many third-party extensions try to replace the default search engine with their own search engines like Searchmine, Yahoo, Bing, and …

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How to turn off Pop-up Blocker on Chrome, Safari & Firefox?

how to turn off pop-up blocker chrome

We will discover several ways to disable the pop-up blocker on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. Before jumping to the topics let’s get into the details of pop-ups, its types, and why we have to allow pop-ups despite its bad user experience. Back in the previous days, Pop-ups have always compared with the most intrusive …

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{5 Solutions}Fix NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Chrome Error


As internet browsers are updating day by day users are also becoming used to the latest development of the internet. People use Google Chrome on Android, iPhone, Windows, and MacBook for browsing internet queries, enhancing knowledge, fixes, and all. In this blog, I will discuss one of the errors of Google Chrome. The name of …

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{5 Solutions}Fix “net::err_cert_authority_invalid” Chrome Error


NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID Chrome Error appears when your Chrome browser is not able to verify the authority of the SSL certificate. Sometimes website owner forgets to renew the security certificate or might have made wrong changes while applying the SSL certificate. In this article, I will give you key information about this Chrome certificate error message. Let …

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