Google Chrome Vs Chromium – What are the differences?

chrome vs chromium

What is Chrome? Chrome is one of the best web browsers in today’s world. Chrome was firstly launched on Microsoft Windows in 2008 but after some time it was also released on macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. Chrome is popular for its features. Chrome is proprietary and it is released, developed, and most importantly maintained …

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Why Chrome have so many Processes in Task Manager?

Google chrome multiple processes

Google Chrome is the best amongst all browsers, as it’s well known for its features. Today’s blog is on Why does chrome have so many processes and how to disable them? Let’s understand the advantages of multiple processes in Chrome. Multiple processes consume more of the RAM of a computer. Now the question is Why …

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How to Sign Out of ONE Google Account? – Chrome

Google has very well implemented the feature to use multiple accounts on one Computer but totally ignored users to let sign out of one account at a time. You can use multiple Google services simultaneously from different accounts in the Same Chrome browser. We often need to sign in with different Google Account to even …

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How to fix “STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION” Chrome Error?


Well, Google Chrome is one of the best to browse the internet. To do activities such as reading articles, exploring knowledge, downloading something you need Google Chrome. Many users reported that when they try to open a web page they get an error message saying “Aw Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. Error …

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Use Chrome Auto Clicker – on URL, Button, Images and Items

All about iMacros

In this world, people think of adding more and more features in technology. As technology increases the people use to be techier. Users use web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. There are numbers of tasks that are repeatedly done on web browsers. The tasks repeatedly done on the web browser are; Form …

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How to turn off touch screen on Chromebook?

How to turn off touch screen on Chromebook

Well, the Chromebook has the Chrome OS. As compared to other OS it has simpler and light features. In this technical world, all device you see around is of touch screens. So, the Chromebook also has a touch screen feature. The touch screen has replaced the mouse and keyboard on all devices. The users using …

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