How to Setup Chrome Start Page? – New Tab and Homepage Settings

Almost 70% of people use their PC to surf over the internet and Chrome Browser plays vital role in keeping us connected the network. Hence Chrome Start Page Settings matters the most as what we prefer surfing over the internet. One who wants to stay connected with the people prefer Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or any other Social Site as their Homepage or Startup Page, some prefer news sites such as MSN, NDTV and TechCrunch over any other site, Some also prefer Gmail and Analytics which keep them connected with their business and clients. You need to refer to Chrome Flag Settings if you wish to tweak major changes on Chrome.

chrome start page settings

Now let’s dive deep into the Chrome Start Page Settings to enhance our browsing experience.

Open Chrome New Tab on Start

Most of us prefer decent Chrome new tab on Start, follow procedure to setup Chrome new tab on Start.

  • Click on Three Vertical Dots and Click on Settings. Copy and paste chrome://settings to directly open Chrome Settings.
  • Scroll down to Advanced Settings to locate On Startup Settings.
  • Select Open the New Tab Page.

chrome open new tab

If still New Tab doesn’t open on Chrome Startup then, Select “Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages” and enter chrome://newtab as web page url.

Chrome Continue Where You Left Off

Some of us prefer to continue browsing set of pages where we left. This option also prevent our workflow if we often get disconnected from our PC or due to non avoidable breaks. You just need to tweak few settings to open previously closed tabs on Chrome Start Page.

  • Go to Chrome Settings.
  • Select Continue Where You Left Off as Chrome Startup Settings.

Open Preferred Website as Chrome Start Page

Some of us also have bunch of favorite website to surf, such as Facebook, Twitter or News Sites. It is easy to open preferred website on Chrome Startup.

  • Open Settings on Chrome.
  • Choose “Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages” in Startup Options and enter your favorite site url address, such as or

So this were Chrome Start Page Settings to set change Chrome New Tab Settings as per our preferences. Hope you liked our Chrome Startup Settings Tutorial.

2 thoughts on “How to Setup Chrome Start Page? – New Tab and Homepage Settings”

  1. When I click on a new page, the new page opens up with yahoo browser in the url field at the top which is strange because yahoo is not my default search engine. Also the new page has 8 shortcuts in the middle. I don’t know where this default new page URL is or how to change it, but it’s not the page Chrome starts with when I open it up. I don’t know how to find out what the default new page is or how to change it.

  2. First, completely uninstall the Chrome browser then perform windows defender full scan on your PC. Again reinstall Chrome and check for the error.

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