Open Best Chrome App Settings on Any Device (Phone & PC)

Well, Google Chrome App is one of the best browser for all sorts of devices from Windows, MAC, Android, and even iPhones. You can modify Chrome App Settings as per your convenience. Due to amazing Chrome Portability and Developer supports every single device user must have come across Chrome App Browser. Users who are using Chrome App on their Phones and Desktops are not aware of Chrome App Settings which makes their browser secure and attractive. In this post, I will let you know the best Chrome app Settings on Windows 10, MAC, Android, and iPhone.

Open Chrome App Settings

  1. At first launch Google Chrome on your device.
  2. On the screen, you will Three dots at the top right corner so tap on it.
  3. You will have the Chrome menu showing list of options so tap on the Chrome App Settings option.Chrome App Settings
  4. The Settings screen will have 2 types of section names as Basics and Advanced.
  5. These sections contain different settings like a Search engine, Password, Notification, Homepages, Theme, Privacy, Site settings, and all.Goggle Chrome Settings Screen

So, this is how you can have Chrome App Settings on your Android or any other Device Screen.

Best Chrome App Settings

Best Chrome App Settings includes extensions settings, notification settings, adobe flash player, autofill, passwords, and flags settings. We have described briefly about each setting and how to use these settings.

Chrome Extensions Settings

As I have told you that there are many Chrome App Settings in chrome on Android. These settings make Chrome more secure and attractive. In this, I will show you how to install Chrome Extensions on Android devices. You can install chrome in two ways. first is by rooting your Android device and second is without rooting an android device. But here I will show you detailed steps for installing extensions without rooting Android devices.

  1. At first, you have to download and install the Yandex Browser on your Android device. So, go on the Google Play Store for it.
  2. Once you have done it then in URL box enter
  3. Now choose the Chrome Extensions from the list and download and install it.
  4. Once you have it then hit on the Add to Chrome button.Chrome Extensions Settings

The added Chrome extensions will be automatically shown on the Yandex Browser. This is how you can have chrome extensions on your Android devices.

Chrome Notification Settings

Yes, you can also manage or control Chrome Notifications. On Chrome, you get several notifications from websites, apps, and extensions. You can manage all notifications by turning on and off. In this, I will show you how to turn and off some site notification, and all site notification. So, go through the steps to do so.

Turn on and off some site notification

  1. Launch the Chrome app on Android devices.
  2. Now enter into the website from which you don’t want notifications.
  3. After this tap on the three vertical dots and click on the Settings.
  4. Once you are done with this then tap on the Site Settings and then on the Notifications. Make note that if this setting is not there then it means that this site can’t send you a notification.Chrome Notification Settings
  5. Now you will have Block and Allow section. If you want to block site notification then tap on the particular site and click on the Sound option under the Permission section.
  6. At last hit on the block option. If you want to turn on notification then go on the block site and do tap on the Sound option and then hit on the Allow option.  Tap on Allow or Block option

So, this is how you can turn on and off some site notification. If you want to turn on and off the notification of all sites in once then go through the below steps.

Turn on and off all site notification

  1. Open the Chrome app and navigate to chrome Settings.
  2. From Settings tap on the Site settings and on the Notification.
  3. On the Notification screen, you will have an option saying Use quieter messaging (blocks notification prompts from interrupting you). Do toggle on of this option to block all site notification. Do toggle off of this option to allow all site notification.Do toggle on of Quieter messaging

Likewise, you have to manage notification on chrome.

Chrome Cookies Settings

At first, you should know what is cookies? Cookies are in the form of files that are created by websites that you visit. There are two types of cookies, first-party cookies, and third-party cookies. First party cookies are cookies that are created by the site you visit and third-party cookies are cookies that are created by other sites. For cookies, you have two settings to do, clearing all cookies, enable and disable first-party and third-party cookies.

Clear all cookies

  1. Open Chrome App Settings.
  2. Now tap on the Privacy option and click on the Clear browsing data.Chrome Cookies Settings
  3. After all choose the time range like last hour, last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last 4 weeks and all time.
  4. Do tick on Cookies and other site data and hit on the Clear data button.Tap on the Clear data button

This will clear all cookies from your Goggle Chrome.

Enable and disable all cookies

  1. Navigate to chrome settings and tap on the Site Settings option.
  2. Now tap on the Cookies option.
  3. Do tick on Allow cookies to enable all cookies. If you want to disable then do tick on Block all cookies option. There is a separate option for third party cookies. If you only want to block third-party cookies then do tick on Block third-party cookies option.

    Cookies settings

This is how you can make your control on cookies in chrome.

Chrome Flash Settings

On Goggle Chrome Adobe Flash Player is nothing but a program that enhances the speed and efficiency of a desktop application, mobile application, and mobile games. Here are the steps to enable the flash player from Chrome App Settings.

  1. Launch Goggle Chrome and navigate to the Settings screen.
  2. Click on the Privacy and Security option and tap on the Site Settings.
  3. Scroll screen to the Content section and tap on the Flash option.
  4. At last to enable flash player, toggle off the Block sites from running Flash (recommended) option. If you want to disable Flash player then revert the toggle.

You are done with this! Make sure you go through all the steps properly.

Chrome Autofill Settings

Well, Autofill is the best feature because it automatically stores data like your contact no, addresses, banking information. It makes it easy when you want to fill information on an online form for something.  when you try to fill the form and if you have autofill data then it will automatically fill the form. On chrome, there are two options of autofill, Payment methods, and Addresses, and more. Chrome Autofill SettingsIf you tap on the Payment method then you will have the option of adding a card. Under it, you will have to give information like Name on card, card number, Expiration date, billing address, and all. After all, you have to hit on the Done option to save all this information. If you tap on the addresses and more then you will have the option of adding an address. You have to tap on it and you have to fill information like country/region, name, organization, street address, city, state, phone no, email and all. After all to save this information hit on Done option.Addresses and more By doing this it will be easy to fill up the online form for anything.

Chrome Password Settings

As we know that Chrome saves the password for different sites that we visit. For settings of Password launch Chrome and tap on the three vertical dots. Now tap on the Chrome App Settings option and hit on the Password feature. If you want to save password then do toggle on of Save passwords. If you do not want to enter the password to visit the website you previously visited the do tick on Auto Sign in. Chrome Password SettingsBy doing this will not ask for a password. If you have saved a password for some apps of websites then it will be shown under the Password section. There is one more section name as Never saved. In this section, there will be the name of the website and apps of which the password is not saved. So, this was the all about password feature of chrome.

I must say that while applying these settings don’t make a mistake because it may lead to a problem. I hope that applying these Chrome App Settings will make your Goggle Chrome secure and effective.

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