7 Best chrome://flags/ Settings to Enhance the Browsing Experience

Hey Guys, Welcome to our Blog. Today we are back with the 7 Best Chrome://Flags/ Settings to enhance your browsing experience. The internet has taken the world by storm since its inception. Years after, the internet still keeps people on their toes due to the ever-rising technological advancements which had made the navigation of the internet easier and more convenient. One of such innovations are the different types of browsers with advanced flag settings which have been made specifically to make sure that your browsing experience remains at the very forefront when accessing the internet. Chrome browser also has got such flag settings to unfold the hidden features.

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Google chrome is a browser which affords you the ability to access the internet in a stress-free manner. One of the ways in which chrome does this is through the use of chrome flags. Chrome flags simply put are features which have been deemed experimental in nature. These features are present but hidden when using the browser. The benefits of using these features include the fact that they make it possible for you to shape your browsing page, especially to your preferences. In other words, it gives you a chance to have a customized browser when accessing the internet. They are called experimental due to the fact that they are not yet officially available to the general public. These features are still being test run. This is what makes it possible for you to know the particular features which are useful and help you in the wrong run.

The first thing which you would have to do is to find a way to open and locate the chrome flags. This can be done easily by typing in chrome: //flags/ in your chrome browser address bar. The result would take you to a list of very unique which can be implemented in your browser if you so wish. If you make the right choice, your browsing experience would never be the same again. The following are some of the best chrome flag settings you can use to set up your google chrome browser.

Audio Muting

Auto muting is one of the first chrome flag features which would be worth looking, known as the tab audio muting feature. This would give you the ability to mute any audio sound which is coming from an opened tab. This feature will give you the ability to do this to many tabs at once which is simply remarkable. So say goodbye to all those annoying audio sounds which are unsolicited. You can also enable this feature by searching for it on the page which displays the chrome flags setting. When you have enabled it, you can ensure that it is working properly by refreshing the browser. It is one feature which would come in handy many times.

Password Generator

Automatic password generator is also one of the most beneficial chrome://flags setting. What this feature does for its users is to make passwords available whenever you are about to register on a new platform or get a new account. Therefore, when this feature has been enabled, you can expect to get password hints from Google. This would prove to be very useful especially when you have to register on a platform which has particular rules about how your password should look like. To enable this feature, you can simply follow the method which has been stated above. This will ensure that you start getting generated passwords as soon as possible.

Also Read About Other Chrome Features:

Quick Tab Close Feature

Having issues closing your tabs after you are done with it? You are certainly not alone. It is a common problem among many people that use google chrome. However, the quick tab experimental feature which is made available on google chrome has that all taken care of. This chrome flag feature focuses on allowing you to be able to get all those unwanted tabs closed and closed very quick as the name implies. When using this feature, you would not have to worry too much about the slowness associated with closing tabs. This will result in stress-free access to the internet. To enable this feature, you can simply search for it on the chrome flag setting.

Automatic Password Saving

Another feature which is most times confused with the automatic password generator is the automatic password saving feature. As the name implies, this chrome flag feature is mostly interested in making sure that all your passwords which you use daily while on google chrome are being saved. It also ensures that this process is completed even without any sort of work being done by your manager. One strong benefit of this feature is that it allows for you to use and register on passwords without any fear that you would end up forgetting the password which you used when registering. To enable this feature, you could simply use the hashtag #enable-password-force-saving. This would allow you to use this feature automatically on your google chrome.

Auto Data Fill Feature

Are you stressed out from having to fill long repetitious forms anytime you wish to register for something or on a platform online? Well, I would feel stressed out too! The autofill feature which is available on the google chrome is one feature which helps to solve that problem. What this chrome://flags feature does to help you predict the answers to the questions which have been asked on the various forms. Hence, if your answers are usually consistent, you would find this feature very rewarding. You would simply breeze through the requirements which are needed and have your forms filled in less than no time. To enable this feature, you can simply use this hashtag #show-autofill-type-predictions. This would allow to enable it on your chrome browser with immediate effect

Categorised History

Another great feature which has been available in chrome flag settings is the group history feature. What this feature does for its users is that it allows for pages which have been visited in times past to be grouped by their domains. The result would be that the pages would be found way easier than when it is not categorized. Therefore, if you are someone who would prefer to keep the history of pages whom you have visited, then this feature is bound to do you a world of good. To enable this feature on your google chrome, all you have to do is to search for it on the chrome flags setting.

Auto Tab Discarding

Are you also running low on your system memory? Make sure that your memory runs out by using the tab discarding feature which is available on Google Chrome. What this chrome://flags does is that it discards all the tabs which have been left open but has not been used for very long periods of time. By doing so at regular intervals, this feature ensures that your system memory never gives out on you. This is what makes this feature a great weapon in making your browsing experience better and more enjoyable. To enable this feature on your Google Chrome, just type #automatic-tab-discarding.

Every day, the internet keeps on evolving and changing with the advancements which have been made. To be able to enjoy all the advancements which are being made, the need to have a browser with unique features cannot be overemphasized. Google Chrome and its flag settings could offer you the chance of seeing the Internet from a different perspective in terms of ease and performance. Therefore, you should give this feature a try. It promises to be quite an adventure if you do.

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