Download Windows 11 Installation Media Creation Tool

Windows 11 Media Creation Tool is a freeware by Microsoft to download ISO files, create installation media, or upgrade your PC. There are a lot of direct unauthorized sources on the internet to download Windows 11 ISO files but it may contain malicious code to ruin your system.

On the other hand, Media Creation Tool will be the best free source to download Windows 11 64-bit ISO files for all the editions such as Home, Pro, Education, Workstations, and their respective N editions.

windows 11 media creation tool

Further, you can use the tool to create the Windows 11 Installation Media that’s a bootable USB drive or a DVD disk. You have to insert an 8 GB or greater USB drive and select it in the tool. It will automatically download and integrate the ISO file into the USB.

Microsoft has also kept the free upgrade option directly from the Media Tool to verify the Windows 11 system requirements met by your PC then start the upgrade. You can select to keep your files or clean install on your PC.

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Download Windows 11 Media Creation Tool to Flash USB Drive

You have already read all the features of the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool to download ISO, create bootable USB, and upgrade. So without wasting time we will directly get into the action. Also, the tool offers both to download Windows 11 ISO files or directly flash USB drive. You can also directly skip it to download Windows 11 21H2 ISO.

  1. Visit Microsoft Site, and Download Windows 11 Media Creation windows 11 media creation tool
  2. Launch the downloaded MediaCreationToolW11.exe tool, tap on Yes to the access permission, and  Accept its license terms.user account control microsoft windows
  3. Select language and Windows 11 edition or use the recommended option for your 11 choose language edition
  4. The tool will ask to flash the USB drive or select the ISO file 11 installation media usb iso
  5. If you want to create Windows 11 Bootable USB then select USB flash drive and select inserted flash usb drive windows 11
  6. The tool will download and create the installation media and tell you when your USB flash drive is ready.
    windows 11 usb flash drive is ready
  7. Remove the Windows 11 USB and insert it into the targetted PC. Turn on your PC and select to boot with USB from the boot menu list.
    boot menu select usb
  8. The next Windows Setup screen will ask you to choose language, time, and keyboard 11 install language english
  9. Install with I don’t have a product key option or enter the activation key to go to the next step.I dont have a product key windows 11
  10. Select your desired Windows 11 Pro or Home windows 11 pro virtual box
  11. Then choose the second option to custom install on a system drive.choose drive to install windows 11 iso
  12. Then the installation media will copy files, get things ready, install features, install updates, and wrap up the 11 setup installaing
  13. Now you have to set up Windows 11 settings as per your 11 setup country
  14. You can choose from a local or online Microsoft account and choose a pin or password for Windows 11.sign in opitons local account windows 11
  15. At last, it will take a few more minutes to finish the 11 gettings things ready for you
  16. You will see Windows 11 Start Menu after the successful 11 start menu with search

Windows 11 Installation Media

Windows 11 Installation Media also offers to directly upgrade your PC along with flashing USB and downloading ISO files.

  1. Download Windows 11 Installation Media from their official website and run the tool.
  2. It will get a few things ready from the setup.
  3. You will get two options of either Upgrading this PC now or Creating Installation Media for another PC.upgrade this pc
  4. On upgrading, the PC will download the latest Windows update and ask whether to keep personal files and apps or not before windows
  5. On the other hand Installation Media will allow you to choose language, edition, and architecture.language edition and architechture
  6. Then you can either insert a USB drive and flash it with Windows or download the Windows ISO windows iso

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Directly Download Windows 11 ISO

You can even download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft’s official website without Media Creation Tool. Well, you have to be their Windows Insider member. It’s a beta tester program to try out Windows 11.

Register for Insider Program from the website.

register windows insider program web

Sign in to your Microsoft Account and accept its terms and conditions.

windows insider preview iso download

Then go to the flight tab and click on the ISO link to download and again sign in with your account on the next page. If you are on the Insiders homepage then scroll down to Flight now option.

flight download windows 11 iso

Scroll down to select the Windows 11 Insider Preview ISO with Dev or Beta Channel and Confirm.

windows 11 insider preview 22000.132

Then click on the 64-bit download button to start the same Windows 11 ISO as we used to do on Media Creation Tool.

downloading windows 11 insider preview iso file

Then you can create its Installation Media using Rufus. Visit and download it for Windows. Launch it to select the inserted USB device and the downloaded Windows 11 ISO file. Set the partition type as GPT and create the Installation Media.

making windows 11 bootable usb

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Congrats on creating Windows 11 bootable USB with or without Media Creation Tool.

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