What is Windows 11 Download (ISO) and Install Size?

How many GB of data is required to download Windows 11 ISO file? or What is the Windows 11 install size? You might want to install Windows 11 on your PC and you are stuck on some questions regarding Windows 11 download and install size.

Windows 11 is the next-generation operating system launched for PCs and Laptops. Microsoft has planned it from the long to bring a new interface with a lot of changes in the taskbar, start menu, settings, etc. Windows 11 will also gain a performance increment along with security advancements than former Windows 10. So, it’s the best idea to upgrade all the supported devices.

Windows 10 size has changed drastically from the beginning with each feature update. Windows 11 was expected to get changes in the download and install size along with new features and improvements.

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Windows 11 ISO Size

Microsoft has launched several Windows 11 ISO files to download from their portal. Each ISO file contains different Windows 11 editions and they are meant for different purposes. You have to be their Windows Insiders member to get access to those files.

As of now, the most important available ISO files from Dev and Beta Channels are of builds 22000.184 and 22454. Windows 11 Insider Preview ISO file download size is around 5.1 GB. Additionally, this big 5.1 GB ISO file will consist of all the editions such as Windows 11 Home, Pro, Home Single Language, Pro for Workstations, Education, and their respective N editions.

windows 11 iso size

On the other hand, Windows 11 Enterprise edition is for medium to large organizations. It is used to manage several computers on the same network. Windows 11 Enterprise ISO size is around 5 GB and it will consist of two editions namely LTSC and its N edition.

windows 11 enterprise size

On the other hand, Windows 11 ARM ISO file is in DHCP format for directly accessing it on Virtual Machines like VirtualBox, Hyper-V, and Parallels Desktop. The DHCP file is around 20 GB in fully installed size.

Windows 11 Upgrade Size

Windows 11 Upgrade is free but you have to register for Windows Insider Program and your PC must meet the requirements set by Microsoft. Windows Insider Program will get you early access to Windows 11 before others. Of course, it will come with a few issues and glitches but it will be worth the effort.

windows 11 22000.120

Windows 11 Upgrade size will be the same around 3.5 GB for both Home and Pro editions users but will differ for Dev and Beta Channels. Further, the upgrade will take an hour or two to download and install, it will depend on the download speed and PC capabilities.

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Windows 11 Install Size

Windows storage requirements have been revamped twice for Windows 10. The earlier 32-bit version required at least 16 GB storage and 64 bit required 20 GB. Then Microsoft directly increased the installation size to 32 GB for both the variant.

Again Microsoft has increased the required storage size to 64 GB for Windows 11 Home and Pro editions. Windows 11 system files will only weigh around 25 GB but the rest of the storage will be available for apps, games, data, downloads, videos, music, documents, and extra files.

Windows 11 drive properties

Windows 11 clean install will occupy less space than upgrade. As an upgrade have to keep the user data from the previous OS into Windows.old directory in the C drive. An upgrade also preserves the App, Games, and their extra data along with new Windows 11 functional features.

Also, Windows 11 updates will occupy 5-8 GB of extra storage to efficiently download, store, and install the updates. So we will suggest at least 128 GB of disk drive partition to efficiently run Windows 11 with your all favorite apps.