How to download, install, and update drivers on Windows 11?

Microsoft has got excellent devices drivers support from the beginning and it’s very well maintained in Windows 11. Drivers are the most important program to connect devices and peripherals with the operating system. They act as an intermediate to let us use devices from an OS.

Microsoft has also integrated an advanced feature to keep all the drivers updated along with detecting, downloading, and installing required devices drivers on Windows 11. Almost, all the input, as well as output devices such as mic, keyboard, mouse, touchpad, display, WiFi, speaker, and even the chips on the motherboard, requires a driver to operate on Windows 11.

Sometimes, Windows 11 may fail to detect an attached device then you have to manually search, download, and install its drivers. An outdated driver may even disable a device hence you also have to manually update it on your PC.

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Download and Install Drivers from Official Website

Almost all the brand laptops, PCs, Processors, GPUs, motherboards, adapters, and other devices keep their driver downloads on their official website.

Suppose you have got the HP, Acer, Dell, Asus, or Lenovo laptop then search for its drivers on google and click its official website.

search driver for lenovo hp dell asus acer

Then you might have to enter your Laptop model or serial number to fetch its drivers.

enter model or serial number

Further, all the laptop devices drivers will be listed with their versions and released dates. The listed device drivers for Windows 10 will work with Windows 11. Either download all the devices drivers in one zip file or the required device driver on your Windows 11 laptop.

download driver

Double-click on its executable file and follow on-screen instructions to install the device driver on Windows 11 and restart to apply its changes.

install driver

The same instructions will also work for external devices such as WiFi adapters, CPUs, mouse touchpads, other devices drivers on Windows 11 PC. You just have to search for the available device driver either for Windows 10 or Windows 11.

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Update Drivers from Windows 11 Device Manager

Windows 11 Device Manager keeps track of all the hardware devices and their drivers. It also provides several options to scan for the hardware changes, add drivers, disable or enable devices, and automatically or manually look for the latest drivers.

Device Manager keeps the devices into different types such as Audio, Display, Network adapter, and etc. It will easily help us to configure our desired device and its drivers.

You can view devices by their types, connection, container, or driver and view drivers by their types or devices in the same device manager. Even change the resources view by their types or connection. Further, show or hide the devices, drivers, and resources. Even customize them to into different categories. All these options can be configured with one View option in the top menu.

device manager view by

Now let’s look at how to automatically or manually update device drivers from the Windows 11 Device Manager.

Expand the device type in which your desired driver will be located. For example, if you are facing problems with Bluetooth then expand on the Network adapters. Right-click on the Bluetooth Device or your desired device and tap on Update driver.

update driver windows 11

Update drivers will give you two options, first tap on the Search automatically for drivers. If its update is available then it will download and install the update.

search automatically for drivers

If you have downloaded the device driver from the official website then tap on the second option to Browse my computer for drivers and select the downloaded driver to install the update.

Windows 11 Update

Windows 11 update will automatically fetch, download, and install all the latest drivers. Driver updates are also part of the updating Windows 11 along with Cumulative, Feature, and Security Definitions Updates. Let’s explore the steps to download and install driver update along with Windows 11.

Press the Start button to go to Settings. Tap on the Windows Update option on the left pane. Check for updates from the right panel to fetch all the available Windows 11 updates.

windows 11 22458

It will automatically download and install all the updates or might list driver updates as optional. Do not forget to download the optional driver updates.

Intel and AMD Driver Updates

Intel and AMD are the two major supported processors with Windows 11. Well, both the processor brands have already released their supported CPUs drivers with Windows 11. Intel has the Driver & Support Assistant (DSA) tool and AMD has Auto-Detect and Install updates for the Radeon Ryzen Chipset Drivers tool for Windows 11. As their tools name suggests, they will identify the processor and only install its specific driver.

Intel and AMD drivers will overwrite the current drivers on Windows 11 to give you a performance boost from CPU and Graphics.

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