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Often due to some heavy data exchange by some software or background internet activity, you may encounter ‘Our systems have detected Unusual traffic from your computer network’ error as detected by Google systems. Nothing to worry about, they can be simply resolved.

Unusual traffic from your computer network

The page which will be showing this error message usually has a captcha code to verify that you are human. Regardless of the operating system or the web browser that you using, this error may present itself in windows, mac os, android, ubuntu etc and in any of the web browsers such as chrome, safari, mozilla, opera and others. If you are facing such errors while browsing other websites then refer to how to unblock website on chrome. 

You don’t have to worry thinking that Google is monitoring your network activity or keeping a tab on your online activities. Coming across this error can be a one-time thing or a frequent one. If you are coming across this thing on a regular basis, then you can take some serious measures that we have listed below otherwise solving Google’s ReCaptcha should be more than enough to bypass the error once or twice. Also, check out how to fix netflix site error while watching movies online on netflix.

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Reasons for Unusual Traffic Error

Not anything susceptible, Google just discourages the use of bots and other automated tools and software from affecting the quality of web and its searches. Some of the reasons that may cause this error to come up while browsing is listed below:

  • Searching too many things or browsing a lot of things at once can mislead google to believe the involvement of bot or automated software.
  • Being connected to a virtual private network which redirects your network via its configured servers can also be a reason for this.
  • Using a public IP address or a public proxy server, which may let Google count the traffic of other people sharing that particular IP or server as well as yours and pop up this error message.
  • You were on purpose using some tool or software which caused this.
  • Your network is being shared by multiple devices or people at once.

Other than these potential reasons, there can be other potential causes as well which can very well be the reason behind this and may cause much more problems in future such as:

  • Your network is being used by someone for nefarious activities behind your back without your knowledge.
  • A malware or virus which may be working secretly in the background sending or exchanging data and consuming huge chunks of data.

Most of the times, an unknown background process or some system task is running in the background which can lead to this error and may show up this error message.

Solution & Fixes

First of all, you should fill up the Captcha form that comes on the screen and wait to see if the Recaptcha form comes, if it does then tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ box to ensure validation.

  • Take a break of minimum 5-10 minutes from making any further searchers to ensure this error recurring anytime soon.
  • If you are on some public server or public DNS then switch from it to a private proxy server and configure your network settings manually to avoid this.
  • If you are using some VPN connection then better to remove it and search directly.
  • Instead of browsing anonymously, log in with your real identity as a proof of you being human.
  • Turn off any third party software that might be making use of internet and remove any search scrapers such as Mozbar and others.
  • Get in touch with your ISP provider and request to be put on a less crowded IP address or be allocated a dynamic or dedicated IP address.
  • Restart your network devices followed by your system and a 30-second wait before starting it up again.
  • Perform a thorough deep system scan to get rid of any malware or viruses that may have rooted themselves in your system within.
  • There are some malicious programs on Google’s blacklist, avoid using them and to make sure that you are not using any by choice or mistake.

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Most of the people have never encountered this error again after carefully applying above steps and taking precautions, if, however, you see this error again and/or are not able to solve this in first time only then do let us know. Know of any other workaround or solution to fix this, mention in the comments.

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