How to restore recently closed tabs on chrome? (Windows PC & MAC)

Over the last few years, Google Chrome has become more popular among web browsers and reached the number one status in a race with other web browsers like Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Almost all the people are using Google Chrome regularly that’s why we all of us know well when we closed tabs of chrome by accident while working on our computer or Mac gets shut down. We all face this kind of disappointment in our daily life during work or some internet surfing. Google Chrome doesn’t ask you a confirmation whether you want to exit the browser or not as we see in Mozilla Firefox. In a Firefox browser, the browser always asked us to restore the last session when we left when our computer gets shut down automatically or when we exit the browser by accident, it will always ask to confirm whether or not want to exit the browser but it’s not happened in Chrome.

If you want to prevent your closed tabs with these kinds of accidents or shutdowns then read this full article till the end because I am going to share some tips and tricks from which you can able to restore your last session of google chrome and how to manually open all the closed tabs in chrome from your last browsing history session.

Restore Closed Tabs Chrome on Windows PC

In order to re-open the recently closed tab in google chrome, what we have to do is just right click on the tab bar of chrome and then select “Reopen closed tab” which is present just above the task manager from the pop-up menu. If you don’t find the above tab then you can also press the shortcut key CTRL+Shirft+T on your keyboard to restore the last closed session or tab. By pressing this CTRL+Shift+T key repeatedly, you will open all the previously closed tabs in the order they were closed (from new tab to old).

restore tabs chrome

If you want to visit those websites which you visited a week ago or a month ago but you didn’t remember the site name or URL of the webpage you visited last week or month. To get those web pages, you can easily look through the browsing history of your google chrome. To get access to the browsing history of your google chrome, click on the “MENU” button which is present on the upper-right hand side corner of the google chrome. After reaching there, select the History button. (Note: instead of Menu, Three horizontal dots or bars are present in the updated google chrome). It has to be noted that this will work only if you hadn’t closed any single tab since opening a google chrome again. Lets’ take an example, suppose your chrome is closed accidentally and had 15 tabs open then what you have to do is just start chrome again and press the CTRL+Shift+T keyboard key, it will bring back the tab that you just closed accidentally.

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Restoring Closed Chrome Tabs on Mac

When your Google Chrome has just closed accidentally and to restore the last session of chrome, open up the google chrome again, click the “File” tab and then click on “Re-open Closed Tab”. Your recent closed tab will be opened. On the other hand, you can simply press CTRL+Command+T on your keyboard to restore closed tabs. Press this shortcut keys again and again in order to re-open recent tabs repeatedly and your session will be automatically restored. One more thing you have to do is, Click on the “History” tab which is located on the upper-left side on the menu bar of your screen. By doing this, it will open the list of all the tabs which closed recently or the web pages that you have recently visited.

Restoring Closed Chrome Tabs on Startup

When your computer shutdown automatically or accidentally then these steps work for you to restore your closed tabs on startup. Simply, open up your google chrome from your Application folder (for Mac) or from your start menu (for Windows). Then click on the three horizontal bars or dot which is present on the upper-right side of google chrome and then go to the “settings” tab in a drop-down menu. After opening your browser setting, go to the “manage in startup pages” tab and click on it and then select “Continue where you left off” option. This will able to restore all your closed tabs which were closed when the computer or mac gets shut down automatically.

There is one important thing to tell you that is, you can easily restore or reopen a closed tabs and last sessions but you might lose the information that you had typed somewhere in the tab or fill out some application forms or you may found that page was carrying your information which you typed to the server after restoring it, using that same information might cause unwanted results especially in transactions from back, e-payments or filling some kind of bills. So fill-out that information again after refreshing that webpage and browse safely.

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