How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone and Android?

reset network settings

Many iPhone users and android users have experienced that mobile networks are not running properly. It is good that on iPhone and Android phones there is a setting name Reset Network Settings which contains many settings related to networks like wifi setting, Bluetooth setting, sim card settings, and all. So you can go to settings …

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Fix: This Apple ID has not been used in the iTunes Store

Are you setting up your new Apple device or creating a new Apple ID for iTunes or App Store? All the Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, MAC, and iMAC require Apple ID to get started with their services. All your data, photos, videos, passwords, and calendars can be sync on their services. Even downloading …

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How to turn ON/OFF auto brightness on iPhone? – iOS 14

Auto brightness, also commonly referred to as adaptive brightness – is a super cool feature in all smartphones lately. The feature aims to sense the amount of available light in the surroundings and adjust your phone’s brightness accordingly to ease the visibility of contents on the phone For example, if you are out in the …

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How to Turn ON/OFF Double Tap Screenshot on iPhone?

One of the unique and viral new features released in iOS 14 was the double-tap screenshot along with the new widgets, smart stack, picture in picture for multi-tasking along with better Siri, safari, facetime and so much more. This feature allows you to double pat on any part of the back of your iPhone and …

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How to get iPhone iOS 13 Emojis for Android? {3 Methods}

iPhone ios 13 emojis on the android

As we know that nowadays most people use to talk on social sites rather than face to face. But on social sites, people can’t express their emotion by words so Shigetaka Kurita who is part of the Japanese mobile company Docomo invented emojis in cell phones in 1998. After 1998 people can express their feeling, …

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{6 Solutions}Fix “Mobile Network not Available” on Android and iPhone..!

mobile network not available

Nowadays all the major mobile networks such as Verizon, T-Mobile, ATT, MetroPCS have so many issues of network dis-connectivity. There are several reasons behind the network not available error on Android and iPhone like you might be using your phone from the underground room of your house or internal software of network connection might have …

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