Google Chrome Vs Chromium – What are the differences?

What is Chrome?

Chrome is one of the best web browsers in today’s world. Chrome was firstly launched on Microsoft Windows in 2008 but after some time it was also released on macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. Chrome is popular for its features. Chrome is proprietary and it is released, developed, and most importantly maintained by Google.

As I have told you that chrome is a proprietory browser so you can download it and use it when needed but you can’t use the source code to make your own projects. And the fact is that chromes source code is coming from the open-source Chromium project but the real fact is that chrome is proprietary.

Chrome is the best web browser in today’s world so recent data of chrome users which were taken in July 2019 by StatCounter is that 71 % of browser market share worldwide on only traditional PCs and most importantly including all platforms 63.34 % browser market share. Due to this growing success, Google has explored the brand name (Chrome) into multiple products like Chromebook, Chrome OS, Chromebox, Chromebit, Chromecast, and Chromebase.

What is Chromium?

Chromium is a less used browser in today’s world. As chrome is developed by Google so the same as Chromium is also developed by Google. Chromium is a free browser and it has time to time updates. Chromium is nothing but an open-source web browser. As it is free to use an open-source web browser so you can modify the source code to create your own browser. I must say that only users who are members of the Chromium project development community can make their own code as per their preference. So, this was all about chromium.


Difference between Chromium vs Chrome

Chromium and Chrome are made up of the same source code so there are no more differences between the two but As Chromium gives more updates from time to time so in the update are some extra features that are not used by users so many users go for the Chrome.

chrome vs chromium

Along with these differences, there are many other differences which are explained below.

Chromium updates from time to time

Many users are not using chromium because of this reason that it gives frequent updates. It means time to time changes in chromium lead to fewer users of it. Day to day new updates come and you have updated it and use it. These new changes in chromium frustrate the lot users. So, this is the main reason that chromium has fewer users. On the other side, Chrome gives fewer updates which are good for users. In fact, chrome has many releasing channels but it gives less update than chromium.

Chrome updates automatically

This feature is one of the best features of chrome in that it updates automatically even though it gives fewer updates in chrome. Whereas chromium does not have this feature by which updates can be automatically updated. In Chromium time to time updates are coming but you have to update it manually. On chrome, updates will be automatically updated and you don’t have to manually update it.

Chromium does not track web browsing

If you want that google does not track your web browser then you have chromium to use. All information will be disclosed if you use chrome because chrome tracks your web browsing. But many users like chrome to use it. If you don’t want to give information about your web browsing habits then you should use chromium.

Outsider extensions are not allowed

On chrome to increase the efficiency of it you can not install the extensions from an outer source because it provides the Chrome Web Store to get the extensions. Extensions that are there in the chrome web store that extensions will be installed on chrome, not others. Whereas on chromium you can install all extensions even they are from the outer source. So, if you want to use more extensions so you should go for chromium.

Security sandbox is enabled

As we know that on both, on chrome also and on chromium also there is one security sandbox that should be enabled. But the difference is that on chrome it is enabled but on chromium some time it is disabled this feature.

Chromium vs Chrome! Which one is better?

As we know that both browsers are beneficial due to their features. So, deciding which one is better is quite hard and interesting also. If you are a user who is bothered about privacy then you should use chromium because it does not track your web browsing. And more main point is that if you are a regular user so you should go for chrome and if you are an advanced user then you should go for chromium. So both are better because it depends on the user that he is a regular or advanced user.

So, this was a beneficial discussion on Chrome and Chromium. On the above blog, you have seen that both browsers are better because of their feature. But if you are confused that which one to use then by reading the whole blog properly you will have an answer that which one you should use. I hope that this information is enough to conclude that which one is best for you.

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