20 Best Colorful Chrome Themes to Boost Your Browsing Efficiency

Browsing the Internet has become indispensable in today’s world. There are numberless jobs that can be done by surfing internet like online education, online courses, online business, social media, promoting of anything, communication, emails and so on.  We usually have to spend a lot of time browsing and to work for long hours daily on a desktop; you need a good working environment. There are many browsers available for surfing and downloading, but the most popular ones are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, etc. Out of all these browsers, Google Chrome will provide you with most pleasant, cheerful, bright and trendy themes to enable you to change the appearance of the browser and give you the environment of your choice.

chrome themes

If you spent most of your time in browsing, sometimes it may make you feel bored when you look at the same default browser design and likes to change the color of the page, layout or the design. If yes, then, Chrome has come up with some of the prime themes to look different and more lively. Google Chrome themes are designed to fulfill the need of changing the appearance of the browser to make it look attractive and can reflect your different moods and tastes from time to time.  In short, you can customize your Chrome browser your way. As Chrome has a vast range of themes, you can select it category wise like colorful, dark, nature, technology, etc.

Chrome has made itself a prominent browser by adding features like minimalist looks and extensions and fast downloading capacities. With its minimalist looks and fast loading capabilities. Regular updating and new features improve its quality and keep it at top choice for the users. Once you have started working on this browser, you will find it hard to switch to any other.

Applying the theme in chrome is very easy. You just have to open a chrome browser. At the very top of the right, click on more settings. Go to Appearance and choose themes. Or you can also visit chrome web store themes.

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Here’s going to be a list for you of some of the best Google Chrome themes that can simply change your browsers look and can lift your mood too.


This many-hued theme will fill your browser with radiant and glowing colors. This theme proves to be a treat to your eyes and reflects your inner zeal.

color theme

Cirque du Soleil

Install a theme called Cirque du Soleil, and give your browser a perfect grey, silver color theme with a lady posing in a happy and dance mood. The impressionistic background is complimenting the theme.

Fiery Horse chrome Theme

Horse denotes speed and fire denotes enthusiasm. To give a blend of both a fiery Horse chrome theme is introduced that matches with your personality. It will make your browser look really awesome.

Mountain Lake

You will simply find beautiful imagery with gorgeous backgrounds, and you may want to stare fetching mountain lake. This one will really work to soothe your eyes and give them a break. This will surely attract all the nature lovers.

Dark Theme v3

This is a simple yet elegant theme. It is dark and highlighted, relaxing for those who work for hours. It gives a sense of professionalism to your workspace.

Abstract Blue

Blue is the color that denotes coolness. This sophisticated abstract blue background theme is so soothing with an eccentric whisk of blue brightening effects.


This theme is music lover oriented. All music lovers get ready, this one is calling you. The pattern designed for this theme is absolutely trendy.


Eiffel Tower Theme

This is a most fascinating theme. Bright colors can change any depressing mood and turn it into a lovely spirit and with positive thoughts. As soon as you install this theme, you will find your browser most amazing, positive and beautiful looking.

Polar Chub

This is an irresistible baby bear looking at you in the snow. The cute bear is so attractive with a perfect combination of colors and looks great in your browser. Once you install this theme, you won’t feel like changing it as the baby bear is that cute.

Earth in Space

This theme is best for the dark color lovers. The charismatic conjunction of the white, blue and black color makes it look awe-inspiring. This nature-inspired background is looking great and apt for keeping you motivated to work.

Iron Man-Material Design

For those entire superhero fans, here is the best superhero theme for you. It gives a notion that a superhero is coming from behind. This is a must try theme with great colors, and cool design.

Minimal Theme

In Minimal theme, your content is shown on the forefront. This theme is so much in trend.

Amber Autumn

This is a pure-bliss theme. The orange hue seems very gentle. This picturesque and graceful theme is designed to brighten your mood.

Color Fusion

The concoction of beautiful soft colors makes it look so appeasing. The colors are dispersed in a way that they are complimenting each other. The active tabs and tool bar are transparent to be used effectively.

Lamborghini Sesto

This theme is designed to support your high resolution desktops for chrome browsers. It gives a brilliant appearance to your google chrome browser.

Paradise Theme

This paradise theme actually belongs to a paradise. Look at the picturesque imagery. Is not it simply paradise?

Morph eon Dark

This is a pure dark black minimalist theme with no distractions.

Green Abstract Theme

A nature-oriented theme blended with green leaves and white color background for your Google Chrome browser.

Blue/Green Cubes

These blue and green cubes make it an abstract and can match up with everyone’s taste. This is a simple yet colorful theme composed of blue and green color cubes. For a simple and neat browser, this theme is apt.

Cardboard Day

Cardboard Day theme escapes itself from minimalist, flat, material design themes design. It looks unique, lively and gives a 3-dimensional appearance.

These are some of the fantastic chrome themes which you can use on your system and give a makeover to your dull and boring screen.

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