8 Best Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators for Android

Play Game Boy Advance Games on Android using Best GBA Emulators. Are you addicted to Game Boy Advance? Well, Game Boy and Game Boy Color were the initiators with capturing features and specs that gained popularity very quickly. Introduced in the year 1989, Game Boy gave out interesting games like Tetris that captured the hearts of the game lovers. The game was introduced by an expert team led by Gunpei Yokoi, the Emulator gave up to 650 games to the game lovers. It came up with a number of games in the world of Android by GBA Emulators, that was quite impressive than the PC games.

Let’s check out the top 8 Emulators for Android that would enhance your gaming experience.

Visual Boy Advance

This is among the best GBA Android Emulators which are quite popular for the speed it brings to you. Great to handle runs and cheats, this game comes with additional features and filters for giving you an advanced experience. With amazing features like full-screen mode, cheats support, taking screenshots, ZIP ROMS supportive, etc. it has enhanced the graphical level for the players to enjoy. The Emulator is also quick and easy to use and operate that adds to its pros.

My Boy! Emulator

This is the first ever GBA Emulator introduced in the world of video games that are portable. The main attraction of the Android Emulator was that it came with multiple games within, that was customizable and could be played without any kind of glitches. Again, with multiple games, it also came with multiple controllers that gave out perfect experience for playing your favorite Game Boy Advance’s game on Android without any kind of hassle.

John GBA Lite Emulator

From the name of the emulator, it can be easily derived that it was innovated by John, who was quite excited and proud of his invention. With smooth working, the Android Emulator leaves no glitches on the track giving the players a unique experience to play. If you are using a device with zipped ROM, the Emulator also eliminates the requirement of any kind of extraction. While as you slow down the game, it also makes it easy to deal with the demon and kill it easily without losing lives.

Pokemon Ruby Emulator

This is among the addictive GBA Emulator games to play. The Android Game comes with an amazing adventurous story and gives you an opportunity to work as a Pokemon trainer. The game starts with easy chapters or levels, while as you play, the difficulty level rises to the extreme level. Just download and begin with the game boy advance and you would come across a number of surprises to deal with. Ash and Gary are also some surprises you might meet while playing the game with different levels and excitement.

Super Mario Advance 4 – Super Mario Bros 3

Who wouldn’t like to play Mario on Android Emulator! Simply by hearing the name, one would get excited to download the GBA Game on your Android device and enjoy the levels. With every new advanced level, it has come up with continuous impressive styles to play designed by NES. The adventurous levels it brings to you made up with mushrooms, would simply grab your attention and keep you concentrated till you end up beating the final demon dinosaur down.

The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap

If you are crazy about the Zelda series, you are sure to download this GBA Android Emulator too. With interesting additional features and capabilities, the game gives you a combination of both typical style of Zelda and the conventional style for a new adventurous experience. So, if you are a fan of adventure games, this advanced addition to the Zelda series is surely going to stick your attention till the end with enthralling surprises.

Ice Climber

Breaking the bricks and making your way up hitting the birds and other obstacles on the way. This is what this Android GBA Emulator would serve you with. One of the interesting games introduced by NES, this game boy advance comes in vertical playing style as you collect more and more vegetables on your way. Simply go your way up breaking the ice mountain and fully enjoy your journey. To keep yourself refreshed and stress-free, download this game today.

Golden Sun

Looking for a better adventurous journey with mysterious powers? The Golden Sun is a GBA that features all you want. The Android Emulator is designed with a typical traditional design where you have to deal with random enemies to become the boss as you cross and progress in the game boy advance. The game comes up with four different puzzles and difficulty level locks which would explore you to the new part of the game in a single shot.

GBA Emulators or games have given the players a new way to enjoy games by simply making some minor changes in the Android settings and video section. So, are you ready to enter a new world of experience with high ranking? What are you waiting for? Just download and begin the journey.

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