Download Windows 11 Insider Preview 22463.1000 (rs_prerelease)

Windows 11 Insider Preview 22463.1000 (rs_prerelease) download is available to Dev Channel users. Windows 11 Build 22463 has added reliable changes and fixes to the existing 22458 builds. Well, major features to the existing development cycle are expected after the public release. This Windows 11 build 22463 also affects the taskbar icons alignments to the middle and hence further will be restricted to the MDM (Mobile Device Managed) PCs.

windows 11 22463.1000

Microsoft Store will include the PowerToys along with Windows 11 22463 updates. Microsoft PowerToys is a productivity-oriented tool to boost our PC functionalities with its default apps. It includes a color picker, keyboard manager, and several add-ons. Let’s check out it on Windows 11.

Microsoft PowerToys

First, download the Windows 11 22463.1000 from the Windows Update center to get Microsoft PowerToys in the Store. Then install PowerToys from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. This tool is supported on x64, x86, and ARM-based devices. It consists of several power utilities for greater productivity hacks.

microsoft powertoys store windows 11

PowerToys Awake tool does not allow PC to go to sleep or turn off the screen without changing power and sleep settings. Its Color Picker automatically launches on the Windows + Shift + C to identify color across Windows 11. The FancyZones is an alternative to the Snap Layouts. Other tools include File Explorer add-ons, Image Resizer, Keybaord Manager, PowerRename, PoweRun, and Shortcut Guide.

Windows 11 22463: Improvements and Changes

  • Copy the selected file or folder location with Ctrl + Shift + C shortcut.
  • Identify display utility appears with a round curve.
  • The dark contrast theme on Windows 11 got minor changes on the feedback by users such as hyperlinks will look different with and without hover.contrast themes windows 11
  • Windows 11 22463 got a new icon next to the loudness slider in the quick settings for maintaining audio endpoints.
  • Windows Ease of Access will be known as Accessibility.
  • Focus Assist got a new settings option to disable it for the first hour after the feature update.

Fixes to the Previous Builds

  • Windows Terminal, Terminal with Administrator’s permission, and System will show up on right-clicking on the Start icon or Windows + X shortcut.
  • Taskbar icons are properly centered for most of the users.
  • Notification count badge will also be properly centered to its position.
  • Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22463.1000 started supporting the Windows Search on the external monitors.
  • Only Windows 11 help center will open upon pressing the F1.
  • The touch keyboard got a fix for the blurry borders for keys.
  • Quick Assist window is resizable according to the display size.

Issues with Windows 11 22463 Update

  • The MDM PCs will skip Windows 11 22463 updates until the next flight.
  • Older Windows 11 devices may get a warning to enable flight signing before installing the update.
  • Windows 11 search panel keep glitching and won’t work properly for some users.

The rest of the improvements, changes, fixes and issues remain the same for Windows 11 Build 22463.1000.

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