Download Windows 11 Insider Preview 22468.1000

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Insider Preview 22468.1000 (rs_prerelease) with the new Paint App to the Dev Channel users. The new Paint app update will appear in the Microsoft Store with Windows 11 modern design and new features.

windows 11 22468

Microsoft has also updated the support expiry with Windows 11 22468 builds to 15th September 2022. The earlier dev channel builds from the rs_prerelease branch up to the Windows 11 22463 will expire by 31st October 2021. All the Dev Channel users need to update to the 22468.1000 to extend the support.

New Paint App

Microsoft also pushed the new Paint App with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22468 to the Dev Channel users. The new Paint app update will be available through Microsoft Store. The Paint App has created a lot of memory for Windows users and hence Microsoft has kept the classic paint app features in the new app.

The new Paint app has got a new matching UI with Windows 11 on top of the old app. It includes rounded corners with color pickers, Mica, and more. Even the new toolbar has got an updated icons designs, a new set of options for line size, brushes, and flip or rotate buttons.

windows 11 paint app

The Paint App also got a new text tool option, tap on the A icon in the toolbar to give it a try. A future update to the paint app in the next Windows 11 22468 builds will include a dark theme, centered canvas, and new dialogs.

Windows 11 22468: Improvements and Changes

Microsoft has made changes in the VPN and Search Settings along with the new Paint App to the Windows 11 22468.1000 updates. Weekly updates to the Dev Channel will only consist of a few minor improvements.

Now, Windows 11 VPN option under Settings will give more insight about a VPN connection. Windows 11 will start noting the statistics whenever your PC gets connected to the VPN network. It will even show the VPN connection status along with the byte sent or received and the connection duration. Go to the Windows 11 Settings, Network & Internet, and VPN settings option for the data.

windows 11 vpn

The change is about the Search icon in the taskbar. Currently, hovering over the search icon in the taskbar gives the recent searches. This option can be turned off from the Taskbar Settings. Right-click on the taskbar, tap on its settings, and toggle to turn it off or on.

Fixes and Known Issues with Windows 11 Build 22468.1000


  • The taskbar network icon used to hang explorer.exe and has been fixed with this build update.
  • The search icon does not give recent searches flyout on keyboard navigation.
  • Double-clicking on a network folder will only open it in Windows then unexpectedly pinning it to the Quick Access.
  • Microphone input format settings will persist with Windows 11 22468 upgrades.
  • The display works very well and causes fewer issues with this flight.

Known Issues:

  • Some users may get a Flight Signed warning on updating from the earlier builds.
  • Windows 11 Insider Preview 22468 build may automatically enable energy consumption by reducing the screen and sleep timeouts.
  • The notification center might stop working and or won’t launch until the next restart.

The rest of the fixes and issues in Windows 11 build 22468 match with previous 22463.1000 builds.

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