Windows 11 Build 22458 – New Tips App & Centered Taskbar

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Insider Preview 22458.1000 (rs_prerelease) to the Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel and KB5005635 update to the Beta Channel. Earlier Windows 11 Build 22454 had a weird taskbar issue where icons were not in the center and rather to the bit right. Users either have to align taskbar icons to the Left, show all available icons, or go back to the previous build to make it look decent. Well, Microsoft has fixed the alignment of the icons to the center of the taskbar and also added a new Tips App with 144 tips for users.

windows 11 22458

Windows 11 watermark appearing at the bottom-right corner just indicates that the installed build belongs to Windows 11 Insider Preview Evaluation copy Build 22458 (rs_prelease).

Fix: Windows 11 Taskbar Icons Not Centered

New Tips App

A Tips App was present from before but without any tip or guide for Windows 11 users. Microsoft has revamped a Tips App with a new acrylic design, look, and user experience.

windows 11 tips

A new Tips App has got 114 beginner and new tips in the 36 languages to get started with Windows 11 features and functionalities. It includes tips on several keyboard shortcuts, optimizing our PC, boost productivity for using professional Office apps, improving games performance, and changing notification settings. More tips will be added with users’ feedback.

Further, Tips will be integrated into the important apps and functions to explain their usage, it is termed as tips on go. Widgets board also includes a Tips Widget with random tips. Soon Tips App will be shipped to the Beta and Release Preview Channels.

Windows 11 on Virtual Machines

The next update is about the system requirements to run Windows 11 on Virtual Machines. The same requirements will be asked to run Windows 11 on VMs such as Hyper-V, VMware, Oracle, and VirtualBox.

windows 11 virtual machine virtualbox hyper v

Previous Windows Insiders running on the VMs won’t update to the latest builds. On Hyper-V, Windows 11 will run only on the Generation 2 VM. Other VMs such as VirtualBox, Oracle, and VMware will only continue to work if hardware requirements are met.

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Windows 11 Build 22458: Improvements, Fixes, and Issues

Windows 11 Build 22458 has got a major update in the Tips App and the taskbar icons are now properly centered as earlier. We have already described them above, so let’s look at other changes.

Devs have added a new Sign-in option into the Start Menu power options along with Sleep, Hibernate, Shut down, and Restart options. As the name suggests it will take to the Sign-in options in the Microsoft Accounts settings.

power menu windows 11

Start Menu and its Search got fixes for reliability and search indexing issues. Additional issues are still impacting the user experience such as search not working and the System option missing in the quick menu.

Windows 11 Settings won’t crash on the Display and other pages. Manage App Execution Alias settings option will preserve its preferences set by the user.

The rest of the improvements, fixes, and issues with Windows 11 22458 are the same as the previous builds.

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