Phone’s Battery Charging Guide – Why you shouldn’t Overcharge it?

When it comes to battery charging process they are divided into two, the constant current charging (CC) and the constant voltage charging (CV). Here the battery charges in the CC mode and the voltage raises to maximum level needed by the battery. Once it gets to the maximum voltage limit the charger stops receiving more voltage that is the CV, and since the phones are very smart they stop receiving more charge thus protecting the battery from overcharging.

When this trend continues the phone gives way and the battery starts getting overcharged with time. It will gradually wear out and its lifespan will be shortened, don’t overcharge your mobile phone after it gets to the 100%.

Yes! In the layman’s thinking, some tend to reason that if they leave the phone overnight it will not shut down the next day. Overcharging has a lot of side effects it won’t happen once but you will start noticing it as the performance is slow and the phone needs charging several times in a day. It’s like when you overeat and gain fat the body becomes sluggish and you won’t perform your task to the level best.

When is it best to charge the phone?

The best times to charge your battery is when the percentage is around 25% and keep on to the 85% level. It might look awkward that you should only charge the battery 100% once in a month, this will help the battery live longer and serve you better. This doesn’t apply only to mobile phone batteries but also to the cameras and laptops.

Note that some batteries are also affected by heat, this mostly happens to the lithium-ion batteries. If your mobile phone case doesn’t have the breathing space for the heat to escape, it will cause cell oxidation. This affects the lifespan of the battery and can cause total damage to the whole phone.

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Ways to Charge Your Mobile Phone and Avoid Overheating

Make it a habit that when charging overnight or for a period of time, you take off the case of the phone both protective and the original case.

Ensure a free space when charging, as it helps in the circulation of air. Keep the lithium batteries charged from 50% to 80% level, this assists the charged ions to have a longer lifespan and the mobile phone is protected from damage. Charge the battery for short periods in the day just to keep the ions going. It is better and healthier than to charge the whole day, thus giving a longer life to the battery.

Avoid the battery from going empty then reviving it to full charge batteries are form in a way that they have limited charging cycles. If you temper with cycles the battery damages before the end of it life.

Another fact to consider is the type of chargers you are using. Poor quality charger will fail the device and make the battery degrade. It is important to only use the charger bought with the mobile phone or buy from a verified dealer, best chargers are expensive and of quality from the best companies.

Effects of Overcharging the Mobile Phone

There are drastic damages that occur when we overcharge the batteries, some may not be notice immediately but over a period of months the damage will be seen. Some devices can shut and not take more than require but it is short term. Here we see the effects of overcharging and the measures to take.

  • Leaving the phone plugin for more than 24 hours will lead the battery to overheat, this affects the lithium ions in the battery cell leading to oxidation. Remember to plug out the charge when it is about 85% to give a longer life span.
  • The overcharging produces corrosive effects to the battery, this affects the whole device and may shut down un ceremoniously. It advisable to be around when the phone is charging or else you have timely alerts.
  • Leaving the phone overnight or for longer period affects the functionality of the battery, the ions will be weaken and the battery will be demanding for charge shortly after being plug out.
  • The battery becomes slower and lives for short time thus not serving it purpose. Always charge the phone to given cycle and level to increase it life charging beyond 100% will do lot of damage.
  • Overcharging causes generation of gases in the cell that make the lifespan short or affect the device functionality.

What to know about the batteries

  • Safe charging: Avoid the heat by removing the case, some smartphones have temperature signals and resettable fuses. They help disconnect the charger when danger arises.
  • Charging times: The device should be charge in supervision to avoid overcharging don’t leave the phone overnight since a mobile phone only takes 2-3 hour to fully charge.
  • Charging schemes: It is proper to know the three process of charging one charging, stabilizing and when to terminate. You can only understand this if you learn how long your battery takes to charge.
  • Charging termination: Remove the phone from the charge once it give a signal of charge, if not poisonous gases will be produced to heat up the ions. This will damage the battery completely.

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It is our obligation to take care of the devices we have, they all depend on you to be there and unplug when needed. This will ensure that we use the mobile phone for a good period of time to up to two years and beyond. Know the kind of battery you have whether the lithium one or other kinds, it will help you give the right care. All in all no matter how much you try to keep it safe one day it will die or degrade, this is an avoidable due to the set lifetime by the manufactures.

Now that you have the full knowledge let highlight the tips of the healthy battery.

  • Charge in bits rather than full day.
  • Remember to uncover your phone while charging if it doesn’t expel heat on its own.
  • Do leave the phone overnight have alerts to help you unplug.
  • Healthy charging is from 25% to 85%.
  • Fully charge the phone once in a month.
  • Buy original charger from verified dealers.

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