Chrome Incognito Mode is no more Private – How to Spy Over Chrome Incognito?

Chrome Incognito Mode is no more Private!

In the digital era, privacy is a big concern. More so often that many people incognito mode of browsers like google chrome to hide their internet usage from their parents or often their peers. As most of you know, this mode is quite well popular with people of all age to browse pornography on the internet as it supposedly leaves no history, no cookies and no browsing data of any other kind. Of course, your internet service provider and the company whose network you are using don’t kind but what if we tell you that despite all your thinking, your efforts are in vain as the activity on your browser even in incognito mode can be tracked including and especially your video playing history.

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How to spy on Incognito Mode in Chrome?

You all must have noticed that the videos being played in chrome incognito mode appears in the notification bar and and they can be easily tracked through notification log on any Android devices. So if someone wants to track videos being played in chrome incognito mode on your device then they just need to refer to the notification log of your Android device.

Currently we have got two methods to access Notification Log of Android device and first one is by using popular Nova Launcher app, which is widely used for enhancing the additional functions and customization of any Android device and along this popular features such launchers also provide the access to the notification history of any Android device. And hence video being played on chrome incognito mode on any android can be easily tracked using such Launcher App on any Android Device. Now be very scare from your parents and elder siblings in future.

As you can see in the above tutorial video made by tech Youtuber Jay Kapoor, its very easy to see the activity done in the incognito mode of chrome browser in android.

Second method to access Notification log is using a popular called app called Notification Log History app. This app shows all the History of Notifications appeared in the notification bar on any Android Device. Open Notification Log History App and then you can access all Notification appeared in the Notification Bar on your Android Device.

How to restrict others spying over your private stuff?

For those who find this little piece of information troublesome and even life-threatening situation, they can try using other browsers to continue their activity which doesn’t record the activity in logs. One such recommended browser is Firefox Focus which doesn’t allow the video being played to appear in the notification bar and hence you will remain clean or else you need to restart your Android if you prefer Chrome over Firefox to clean all notifications from Notification Log on any Android Device. But remember that you are still not completely invisible as the sites you visit record your visits among other data but this can prevent you from being caught red-handed by your family members or other persons.

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So, the next time you switch to incognito mode of chrome to play any video, remember you are being recorded. Not just in android but in iOs or windows and even on laptops, who knows you are being recorded somewhere, you just don’t know yet. To be completely sure you can use VPNs or tor browser. Better safe than sorry!

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