Google is planning to launch new “Chat” App – Might Replace Default Messaging App on Android

Android, being a platform of various useful features has some cons too. Many applications (either inbuilt or installed) in Android aren’t good enough. Google has solved such problems for us a lot of times. Google had launched many useful apps like Chrome, Google+, Drive, etc. And, Google is trying to improve some of its which aren’t found to be much successful. It’s a problem, a very big problem. Google was trying to solve it but always failed to. They have launched many messaging and social apps like Google+, Google Duos, Huddles, Hangout and at last Allo which is the latest one but all went in vain.

From the past ten years Google is trying to make things work out but nothing happens. Not even a single time so they had to fix. Or I say they ‘Have’ to fix it. So, here comes the fix. Now, Google is all set to launch its new messaging app better than before that’s going to make it the best application available in the market, as the source said. The fascinating thing about this new app is that Google is going to change some things about messaging app in a very dramatic manner.

Google “Chat” App – Might Replace Default Messaging App on Android 

As per the report, Google is going to replace the traditional SMS app by its new and better messaging app and they’re going to name it “Chat”. Google Chat is reportedly going to be available by the end of this year. Chat will be available as a default messaging app and thus, Google wants it to be as much efficient and beautiful as it could be.

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There were rumors that Google is going to make this messaging app similar to that of Apple’s “iMessage”, like a clone but it was confirmed that “Chat” will be far different from iMessage and it will have features better than other messaging apps.
Chat isn’t a new app, it’s a brand new set of features in Android Messages.
Google Chat is not going to be a text messaging app that you have to download from the store instead of this it’s going to be a set of different features. According to the announcement, ‘Chat’ will have features like easy to manage groups, high resolution media, read receipts, typing indicators and many more. It will be available to everyone who install it from Store. And after its launch in many upcoming Android phones it will be pre-installed just like Hangout, Gmail, YouTube, etc.

Google’ “Chat” is going to have a very new feature called RCS. RCS, here it means Rich Communications System. And, Let me tell you how this so called new feature works so, whenever you’ll send a message to anyone out there it will go to your career server and then it will be transferred to a house from where the message will be transferred to the receiver’s career server from where it will be transferred to the receiver’s phone. And you know what’s a cool thing about Google chat is that it doesn’t cost you anything But there is an issue, if the receiver’s career doesn’t support the RCS features then the message will be sent just like the default SMS. Through it’s going to be a very good app yet, it can have some cons too that we are going to find after its release.

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Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai appointed Sabharwal to fix the all time issue of Google, A better Messaging app. Sabharwal has done a lot of work on Google Chat and has some important opinion about RCS.
“RCS continues to be a carrier-owned service, so legal intercept and other laws that exist that allow carriers to have access to the data continues to be the case,” he said.
“I don’t want to say that were ‘ceding messaging’ [to the carriers],” Sabharwal says. Sabharwal said that in 2018 people are going to witness a revolution a change. Let’s hope his words be true.
After the confirmation of the launch of the “Chat” it makes a lot of sense that Allo is going to be paused till all this happening. Google always brings best for the customers so we can hope that this time this new Google’ messaging app “Chat” will satisfies our needs. And as it is said, “Chat” is going to have a lot of customization as we all know “Android is all about customization”.

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