One App to Analyse and Delete All Junk Files on Android

Download Best Junk Cleaner App:

Earlier I purchased Android Device with only 8 GB of storage capacity only, and out my surprise system used to occupy 5 GB of storage, I used to manage my apps in just 3 GB of storage then I came across CCleaner Android App and what I found that all junk files including cached data used to occupy almost 1 GB of extra storage😱, out of which 0.5 GB were occupied by Cached Data and other 0.5 GB were occupied some other junk files. I cleared them all from CCleaner App itself and I had almost 1 GB of extra storage.

CCleaner is one of the best junk cleaner app ever, even it didn’t gave me popup of ads. I am using it till today’s date though I upgraded to 64 GB of storage device because this free up lot of space on my device which boost up efficiency of my device up to 30%.

Download CCleaner:

Download CCleaner

Follow below steps to Clear all junk files including cached data in one simple step:

  1. Download CCleaner
  2. Launch CCLeaner
  3. Tap on Analyze and it will analyse all junk files in your mobile.
  4. Select what you want to Clean!

That’s It! All junk is removed from your device now you would get at least 1 GB extra storage to utilize. Hope you liked our Article! Do Share your views in comment section below.

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