Google’s Gaming STADIA is now Available for Android TV

Google’s Stadia just announced that it’s now available for Android TV, Google TV with Chromecast, and other unsupported devices. Earlier it was available for Computers with the Chrome browser and Android phones. Go to the play store on your Android TV and just download the Stadia App to start Streaming games on the bigger screens.

Download the Stadia APK for TV if the Play Store says as an unsupported device. Once you have downloaded the APP it will prompt you to connect the Stadia controller and guide you on how to load and start playing the games.

The Stadia App for TV is different than for Android devices. It also includes a party-chat feature just like the Discord while playing Games on Android TV. Explore all extra features from the controller.

All the bought games with your subscription will be synced to the TV App. As of now, you can’t add new games from this app, you will need the Android App.

Get the list of fully compatible devices with stadia on their official site. The list is already updated after the latest announcements. Get the Stadia and Chromecast bundle offer with Google TV from their online store.

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