Fix and Repair Corrupted Files on Windows 10 and MAC

Restoring is a quick solution to fix and repair corrupted files on Windows 10 and MAC. Windows 10 and MAC both OS saves multiple previous versions of files and documents for its users.

As we know that on Windows 10 and MAC we can save different types of files with its different file formats. And most importantly we can also open it but sometimes this file is not accessible due to some reason. But just assume that if you have saved the essential file on your Windows 10 and MAC but at the time of opening it gives the error that your file is corrupted. In that situation, you will really feel frustrated because of the file you have saved previously has become unusable and inaccessible.

fix corrupted files

You don’t need to worry because I am here with the best solution for fixing corrupted files on Windows 10 and MAC and also with it causes by which this issue arises. So, at first, we will see its causes then we will see its beneficial solutions. So causes of corrupt files on Windows 10 and MAC are as follows:

  • When you save it at that time if your computer crashes then the corruption of file may occur. 
  • If your Windows 10 or MAC is having the malware or viruses then also this problem occurs. 
  • On our computer there are some bad sectors so if you save the file in that sector then also this issue arises. 
  •  If you change the file format then corruption of file problem occurs on your Windows 10 and MAC. For example, if your file is in the form of video and you convert it into MP4. 
  • In the file, there is one part name as Header which is an essential part of the file because it contains the all information of the file in it. So, if you make some changes in the file then you may get corrupt files.

Now below are its solutions in detail so that you can apply it and make your windows and MAC free of corruption files. Now, this blog will be separated into 2 parts that are part 1 and part 2 and in it, you will see its fixes.

Part 1: Fix Corrupted Files on Windows 10

So, there are a number of ways to repair corrupted files on Windows 10 but 2 fixes or we can say ways are common which are listed below and you can also use third-party software.

Use Restore Previous Versions

This option is given in only Windows 10 operating system, not in MAC. If you have changes on your disk then also it will repair it so make a backup for the whole disk. Windows File Explorer needs to work properly in order to apply this trick, restart your system if File Explorer keeps crashing. To do so follow the below steps in sequence.

  1. Step 1: At first you need the file explorer so to have it tap on the folder icon and find the disk which has corrupted file.
  2. Step 2: Once you found it then do right tap on it and select Restore previous versions from the quick menu.fix corrupted files windows 10
  3. Step 3: Now you will have a window showing previews versions so select the proper version.
  4. Step 4: Once you selected the version and make sure it should be based on Data modified.
  5. Step 5: At last hit on the Restore button to end the process.

Use Backup 

As I have told you that if you don’t have backup then you should not follow this method because it will not work until you don’t have a backup. If you don’t have back my advice is to use third-party software. So, follow the below steps if you have the backup:

  1. At first go on the Start button and find the option named the Windows 10 system which is on the main windows menu.
  2. Now launch Control Panel and then hit on Backup and corrupted files windows 10
  3. Now you have to give the location of restoring the backup and then lastly hit on Restore my files.
  4. Once you are done with the above steps then you will have instructions on the screen that how to repair the corrupted file from the backup. So, follow the instructions.

So, these both were methods to fix or repair corrupted files on Windows 10 operating system. Make sure you follow all the steps in sequence to ditch Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart errors.

Part 2: Fix Corrupted Files on MAC

On a MAC, there is one best way to fix the corrupt files that is Time Machine app and you can also use third-party software like Remo Repair.

Use Time Machine Backup Tool

Time Machine is one of the best tools to run on the MAC and it can only run on the MAC. Time Machine is known for its features and one of its best features is that Time Machine backup all your files which are created or modified in 24 hours and most important it makes backup hourly on its own you don’t have to do anything. So, follow the below steps:

  1. First of all go on the Time Machine on your MAC for the further process.fix corrupted files mac
  2. Once you have launched Time Machine so in it you will have all folders and files which are backup. So, from the folder and file, you have to select a folder in which your file is corrupted.
  3. Now in a folder, you will have many files but select the file which is corrupted and need to be fixed.
  4. Once you selected then at the bottom you will have a Restore button so do click on it.

So, by following the above steps your corrupted file will be repaired and it will also restore.

So, this was the whole separated in 2 parts name as to how to fix corrupted files on Windows 10 MAC. I hope that the above blog solutions prove helpful.

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