Download Windows 11 KB5010414 Update with Improvements

Microsoft released an optional Windows 11 KB5010414 and Windows 10 KB5010415 update on 15 February 2022. Microsoft follows a conventional method to release quality, security, and preview updates. It is one of the preview updates which is full of new improvements and fixes and totally optional for all the users.

The users who do not download and install Windows 11 KB5010414 update from the Settings will get its changes along with the next cumulative security update. The most of the users want to get upgrade to the OS Build 22000.527 to get the latest feature without waiting for the next update. So, let’s check out the latest update along with its full changelog.

Download Windows 11 KB5010414

Microsoft has improved a lot to update any Windows device with a few clicks. Earlier many users has faced many endless loops and issues with updates but all of them got dissolves with the time. The preview update requires a few extra steps to properly download and install them.

  1. Open the Settings app and go to the last Windows Update option from the left side menu.
  2. Click on the Check for updates button and make sure to let download and install all the pending updates until KB5010386. Some updates may require a restart.Windows 11 KB5010386
  3. Then you will see the following optional update.

    2022-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5010414) is available.
    Download & install

    Download Windows 11 KB5010414

  4. Hit on the Download & install button.
  5. Then your PC will require a restart to install the update.

Please be patient until Windows 11 KB5010414 download and install is complete and do not turn off your computer when it prompts to.

Windows 11 KB5010414 – Improvements & Fixes

Windows 11 KB5010414 has got a few major changes to the taskbar. The widgets icon gets relaced with new weather widget on the left side of the taskbar to show and hide widgets on the hover, just like the Windows 10.

Weather Windows 11 in place of Widgets Icon

Further, calendar and time will be automatically added to the taskbar of the multiple monitors. Then taskbar tooltips issues was also addressed of showing tooltips on empty area of taskbar after hovering over language, WIFI, battery, speaker, date, and time icons.

Internet Explorer Mode and Microsoft Edge can share the same cookies. The dialog boxes will also be sorted in the Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Mode and it won’t stop working on pressing the F1 key.

The Settings app now also shows the list of time zones to the non-administrator users.

Currently there is one issue with the Microsoft Outlook App search not showing the local emails. No other issue is officially declared of Windows 11 KB5010414 with OS Build 22000.527.

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