Apple to discontinue iPhone X this year – 2018 iPhone Latest News

IPhone X was apple’s ambitious launch last year and was priced at a much higher price than the usual iphones as well but owing to a couple of factors including high price as well as its incompatibility with many popular chinese apps thus losing a big segment of chinese market.

Rather than choosing to sell its X model at lower prices like most of other companies in electronic segment do, Apple is choosing to discontinue the first generation of Iphone X as soon as the second generation is rolled out in the market. Reason behind this decision is touted to the factor of not wanting to affect sales of other models in lower price models by lowering the price of this premium model.

Although Apple had in past always sold existing iphones at reduced price after launch of new models, its simply the predictable of what would happen if the premium X model is sold at reduced prices rather than discontinuing it. That cant be allowed to happen as it will drastically reduce the market sales for lower end iphone models.

The new touted 6.1 inch iphone is much less ambitious in features and specifications apart from its size which will give Apple a much better margin than its other models. Choosing to make some money off its not so popular Iphone X and making much more of its potentially viable new model, iphone X had to become the sacrificial lamb. Furthermore an inexpensive larger screen model will also help apple to grab market in china where its facing huge competition from domestic mobile manufacturers which have scaled globally with their high end smartphones and their cheap prices.

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And those of you thinkin that this is the first for Apple , this isnt. Apple has done this before as well with iPhone 5, when it was time for a successor to iphone 5, Apple built the 5s and replaced the iphone 5 with 5c. That year low cost iphones were already the rage and despite not getting much market love, the hardware did relatively well.

Iphone X was launched to show the world what an iphone could be, when people were drifting away from the brand, it was a move to gather their attention. Whether iPhone X fulfilled apple’s expectations or underlined them, first gen iphone X is gonna be discontinued for good or bad this year. But only after the new generation Iphone X is launched along with the other models that Apple has showcased, we would be able to seen whether or not Apple’s strategy to get back its customer love and market share works or not. Till then all we can do is speculation and hearsay, do let us know what your opinions are about it. Is the company headed for its era end in the time of cheap high end smartphones or is it the start of new dawn for it?

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