Install Windows 11 on VMware Workstation or Fusion (Mac)

VMware Workstation and Fusion are Virtualisation software to run older or new operating systems like Windows, Mac, or Linux on top of Windows 10 and Mac (M1 or Intel). With the launch of the new Windows 11, users are really excited about settings up Windows 11 Virtual Machine on VMware.

VMware Windows 11
VMware Windows 11

It’s super easy to set up and run any operating system with VMware Player but has got a few twists for Windows 11 due to TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot requirements. First, we will bypass all the requirements then install Windows 11 on VMware Workstation or Fusion without errors.

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VMware Requirements

Your PC must meet the VMware requirements to run Windows 11 on a virtual machine. Remember, Virtualisation is a heavy process and hence your PC must be powerful enough to run Windows 11 on top of Windows 10 or Mac (Intel and M1).

  • At least, 64 GB of free storage in a drive to run Windows 11. VMware Player itself will acquire a few GB of installation space.
  • More than 4 GB of virtual memory, that’s your PC must be equipped with 8 GB of RAM for supporting the host OS along with virtual OS.
  • A newer and faster 64-bit processor with four cores and 1.3 GHz of clock speed.

If your PC has a TPM 2.0 chip and UEFI with Secure Boot enabled then it will be an extra cherry on the top, if not then let’s bypass them. An additional 8 GB USB is required to flash it with Windows 11 ISO image.

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Download Windows 11 ISO and Bypass its Requirements

First of all, go to Google, search for Windows 11 ISO, and click on the first result by Microsoft.

download windows 11 iso

Scroll down to the Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) section, select Windows 11 in the drop-down, choose the English language in the next drop-down, tap on the 64-bit Download button, and wait until it’s finished the download.

download windows 11 iso 64 bit

Then go to website and download the latest 3.17 or higher version.

rufus 3.17 version or higher

Insert the USB drive into your PC, launch the RUFUS, let it pick an inserted USB drive, select the downloaded Windows 11 ISO,  change the Image option to Extended Windows 11 Installation (no TPM/ no Secure Boot), keep the Partition scheme as GPT, and click on the START button to format and create bootable USB.

rufus windows 11 without tpm and secure boot

It will take a few minutes to create a bootable USB on Rufus. If you are on MAC then ask your friend to create Windows 11 USB with these options.

Install Windows 11 on VMware Workstation

Now we are ready to install Windows 11 on VMware Workstation once you have its bootable USB.

Launch the VMware Workstation tap on Create a new Virtual Machine from the right panel.

vmware create a new virtual machine

Keep the default option of I will install the operating system later and tap on the Next button.

vmware install windows 11 later

Choose Microsoft Windows as the guest operating system and Windows 10 x64 as its version.

microsoft windows 10 x64 vmware

Rename the virtual machine as Windows 11 and change its location to your desired choice. Make sure that the location drive has more than 64 GB of free storage.

windows 11 vmware workstation

Give the maximum disk size more than 64 GB, it’s kept to 100 GB in the screenshot.

memory disk size vmware

Click on the Customize Hardware button in the step before finishing the setup.

memory vmware windows 11

Allow more than 4 GB (4096 MB) Memory to run the Virtual Machine.

memory vmware windows 11

Give access to 2 or more cores in the Processors tab.

vmware processors cores

Keep the default values for the rest of the settings and close the Hardware window and Finish the New Virtual Machine Wizard setup.

finish vmware windows 11 setup

Choose your created Windows 11 Virtual Machine on the VMware and tap on the green play button.

play run windows 11 virtual machine vmware

Keep pressing the F2 key to launch the boot menu into Virtual Machine. If it doesn’t launch the boot menu then restart the virtual machine and do it again.

select windows 11 bootable usb vmware workstation fusion

Select the Windows 11 bootable USB from the boot manager to start the Windows 11 Installation.

Windows 11 Installation on VMWare Workstation or Fusion

Windows 11 installation will be the same on the VMware Workstation or Fusion, hence we have covered it under the same topic.

Select your desired language, time and currency format, and Keyboard input method.


Click on the I don’t have a product key link from the bottom.


I will recommend Windows 11 Pro from all the available editions.

select windows 11 pro virtual box

Accept the license agreement, Custom Install, and continue with the only available drive.

custom install windows 11

Now the setup will restart a few times during the installation.


Windows 11 setup will also offer to customize a few more options such as choosing your country, keyboard layout, naming your device, settings for work or personal use, adding Microsoft account, creating password or pin for your device, and finally will take a few more minutes giving you an actual Windows 11.

windows 11 getting ready this might take a few minutes

You will see a Windows 11 Start Menu once VMware Workstation or Fusion has finished the installation.

vmware workstartion fusion windows 11 start menu

Also, do not forget to install VMware Tools to access Windows 11 in the full-screen display with all the features.

Install VMware Tools for Windows 11

Let’s install the VMware tools for accessing Windows 11 on the full screen. Tap on the Player drop-down from the VMware window, go to Manage, and Install VMware Tools.

install vmware tools

Then go to File Explorer in Windows 11, tap on the DVD Drive (D:) VMware Tools, run the setup64 file and allow Yes to the user access control.

runs vmware tools setup64

Go to the Next Step of the VMware Tools Window to Install the Complete setup.

vmware tools complete setup

Tap on the Yes prompt to restart and apply all the changes.

restart vmware tools

Maximize the VMware to enjoy Windows 11 in a full-screen window with all the features.

Install Windows 11 on VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion and Workstation have got similar steps to install Windows 11 from a bootable USB. VMware Fusion will be able to run Windows 11 on both the Intel and Mac M1 devices. Download and Install VMware Fusion from their official website and launch it on your Macbook.

Create a custom virtual machine.

vmware fusion create a custom windows 11 virtual machine

Choose Windows 10 and later x64 and continue to the next screen.

vmware fusion windows 10 and later x64

Keep the default UEFI boot firmware and Create a new virtual disk option.

choose uefi firmware

Now, let’s Customize Settings before the finish.

customize vmware fusion windows 11 vm

Save as Windows 11 Virtual Machines.

windows 11 vmware fusion mac

Give access to 2 processor cores, 4096 MB of Memory from Processors and Memory System Settings and go back to Show All settings from the top bar.

2 processor core 4096 mb memory vmware

Tap on the Hard Disk option from the Removable Devices to increase the disk size to more than 64 GB and Apply. Then close the settings and make sure that the bootable USB drive is already inserted into your MAC.

vitual disk 128 gb vmware fusion

Run the Windows 11 Virtual Machine in the VMware Fusion and press the F2 key to get to the boot menu options. Restart and try again until you get to the boot menu options.

select windows 11 bootable usb vmware workstation fusion

Select the bootable USB from the boot menu options to start the Windows 11 Installation.

Alternatively, Parallels desktop also supports Windows 11. Follow all the steps from the VMware Windows 11 Installation. Also, do not forget to install VMware tools after the installation to access all the Windows 11 features on your Intel or Mac M1.

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