Windows 11 free upgrade is rolling out to more Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft released Windows 11 stable updates to a very few eligible new PCs through Windows Updates settings. First, it will test the Windows 11 performance on all sorts of desktops and laptops with different configurations. It was a quite good experience for thousands of users with the design and features offered with the new Windows. Even several AMD performance issues were also fixed through cumulative updates. Now, Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 11 free upgrade to the more eligible Windows 10 PCs, through Windows Update Center from the settings.

upgrade to windows 11 is ready free download and install

Further, Microsoft is distributing Windows 11 upgrades to more PCs through their Artificial Machine Intelligence Model. Yes, you heard it correct, Microsoft is using the vast stored data on their servers to let an AI pick the most eligible devices for the next upgrade. It will be an overall smooth experience for both the users and Microsoft to deliver the upgrades to the users.

If your PC meets all the Windows 11 requirements such as the newer processor, TPM 2.0 chips, UEFI Boot Mode, Secure Boot, and more then go and check whether Windows 11 update is available for your PC or not.

Anyway, tech enthusiast has got several ways to get their hands on Windows 11 through the Registry Bypass, Installation Assistant, Media Creation Tool, Emulator, or Virtual Machines.  Windows 11 is now also supported on plenty of Virtual Machines such as VMware Workstations, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, and even through Parallels Desktop on Intel or Mac M1.

Windows 11 offers a new set of features such as Windows Subsystem for Android, new Microsoft Store, Auto HDR, Direct Storage, and more. Well, some new features such as the new Microsoft Store have already started shipping to Windows 10 Insiders but most of them will remain exclusive to Windows 11.

Still, some bold users may prefer to stay on Windows 10 with their current PC until the final end of support by Microsoft in 2025.

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