Download & Update HP Laptop Drivers in Windows 11

The device driver is the most important software to enable its support on the operating system. Multiple devices such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Speaker, Mic, Touchpad, Keyboard, USB Ports, Display, Storage Drives (HDD, SSD), CDs, etc are attached to the laptop or PC. They are of no use without their proper driver. Therefore, many HP Laptop users are looking for devices drivers after recently upgrading to Windows 11 or in case of problems with devices.

hp driver windows 11

There are multiple ways to download, install, and update drivers on HP Laptop. You can manage drivers from Windows Update, Device Manager, HP Website, or their Support Assistant Tool. Stay with us to explore the best options to update drivers on Windows 11 HP Laptop.

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Enable Drivers Update on Windows 11 HP Laptop

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 11 then your PC must automatically configure all the devices through Windows Update. At first, all the required input and output devices will use very basic drivers by Microsoft and then will shift to the recommended driver through updates. Even the display resolution will acquire appropriate settings after installing its required drivers.

The Windows 11 Updates are turned on by default to keep your device on the latest version with new features, devices drivers, and the best security. Microsoft and HP both advices to not turn off the updates. Some users find them annoying due to their issues and interruptions and hence they might have turned them off. Let’s check for the latest driver updates from Windows Update settings.

  1. Right-click on the Start Menu icon and click on the Settings from the quick menu.Windows 11 Quick Menu
  2. Go to the Windows Update option from Right Side Settings Menu and Click on Check for updates button.check for updates windows 11
  3. Let Windows 11 fetch, download, and install all the available updates along with Quality Cumulative Updates, Driver Updates, Driver Updates, Security Definition Updates, and Other App or Software 11 KB5006674 22000.258

Some updates may require a restart for the installation. Make sure to recheck for the updates even after the restart. All the installed updates history with a separate section for Driver Update is found under the More options.

driver update history

You can find the Optional Driver Updates under the Advanced options. Windows 11 will automatically install all the required updates but if you are facing issues with any device on your HP Laptop then go to Windows Update > Advanced options (Under More options) > Optional updates > Driver updates > Select your desired device driver update (a device with issues) > Click on the Download & Install button.

install optional driver update windows 11

That’s all about managing drivers from Windows 11 Update Settings on HP. Make sure to revert all the changes which you might have made to disable Windows 11 update from Registry Editor, Metered Connection, or Pausing Updates settings.

Search automatically for drivers from Device Manager

The Device Manager on Windows 11 will list all the attached hardware devices to HP Laptop. The devices are categories based on their types such as Audio, Bluetooth, Display, Keyboards, Network, Printer, etc. The user can add drivers and also scan for the hardware changes. Mostly, Device Manager itself picks the hardware changes. Follow the steps to update the Bluetooth or any other device driver on HP Laptop.

Tap on the Start Menu to type and launch the Device Manager.

device manager windows 11 start menu

Now the Bluetooth Speaker or Earphone driver will be listed under the Bluetooth category but the actual Bluetooth adapter of your HP Laptop will be listed under the Network adapters. Expand the Network Adapters to right-click on the listed Bluetooth Device to select the Update drivers option.

update driver windows 11

The next prompt will offer an automatic and manual method. The second method will require the downloaded driver from HP’s official website which we are going to cover in the next topic. So, select the first option to search automatically for drivers.

search automatically for drivers

The next prompt will ask to download and install if the new driver version will be available else it will terminate with the up-to-date prompt.

Download: Bluetooth Driver on Windows 11

Download Windows 11 Drivers from HP Website

The brand website like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and ASUS maintain the latest driver for different models of laptops with the recommended OS on their website. They must be supplying the drivers to Microsoft update them from Windows Update or Device Manager. If you are not able to update the device driver from Windows Update or Device Manager then manually download and install the driver on Windows 11 HP Laptop from their website. HP has already updated its website with the latest driver support for Windows 11.

  1. Go to the HP Website and enter your laptop serial number. The serial number will be listed on the sticker at the back of the hp driver windows 11
  2. Select your OS and version, if Windows 11 haven’t appeared for your model then select the compatible Windows 10 (64 bit) and Submit.
    select windows 11 version
  3. Scroll down to expand all the drivers. Now, we will download the Realtek Wireless LAN Driver for WiFi. Likewise, choose the device driver on your windows 11 hp driver
  4. Run the download file and follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

Restart your PC after installing the latest driver to apply the changes and recheck whether the device has started working or not.

HP Support Assistant for Windows 11

HP Support Assistant is the official app built for HP Laptops and Desktops. It comes preinstalled on HP devices to get free and easy support resources. The HP users can download the tool from their official website. If you are facing problems and issues on Windows 11 then HP Support Assistant will help you out to automatically troubleshoot the issue.

This tool also give all the information about your device with warranty, battery lifecycle, storage, security, and more. HP Support Assistant will also verify all the installed drivers on Windows 11 and also automatically check, download, and install driver updates.

Download HP Support Assistant from their official website. Run the download and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Launch the tool from the Start Menu or Desktop shortcut. The tool will require your account to add the device. Create or sign in with your existing account.

hp support assistant create or sign in account

The tool will automatically add your laptop and sync all its data. Click on the icon with Updates to check for all the available updates.

hp support assistant windows 11

Select from the available driver update to download and install on your Windows 11 PC.

download install update driver hp laptop

Once the update is complete your computer may require a restart to apply the changes.

Third-Party Driver Apps

There are plenty of third-party driver apps for downloading and installing the latest drivers. The most of them have the collection of all the drivers from the official brands. The driver apps will keep checking for the available updates and will start downloading once the update is available.

The third-party Driver Easy app will check and fix the problems with the installed drivers. Such apps have got the paid version to enable auto update with the the faster download speed. We will recommend the HP Support Assistant to update drivers on Windows 11 HP Laptop than any other paid driver tool.

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