Download, Install, and Update WiFi Driver on Windows 11

Well, in all OS including Microsoft Windows the drivers play an important role. The driver’s work is to relay commands from OS to hardware. Having the latest driver on your Windows OS will ensure the smooth running of your Windows OS. It is clear that you should have an up-to-date driver on your Windows 11 if you don’t want to mess with issues.

Many users are getting WiFi issues such as No Internet, Secured or “Not getting expected Internet Speed” or “Having low speed of Internet after upgrading to Windows 11”. However, there is only one cause behind all Wi-Fi issues that is “Outdated or Corrupted WiFi driver”.

windows 11 wifi

When you connect an external WiFi adapter you will need a Wi-Fi driver for the smooth running of it. Nowadays, all external Wi-Fi driver comes with Disc in which all the needed drivers are included. On Windows 11, the WiFi drivers come pre-installed but sometimes you don’t get it. Windows also download and install the needed drivers automatically when you connect or plug in an external WiFi adaptor. Thus, it makes it easy for you to run Windows 11 easily and smoothly.

So, this is the main reason why users are not aware of ways to Download, Install, and Update the Wi-Fi drivers on Windows 11. Here in this guide, you will get to know the 4 best ways to Download and Install a WiFi driver on Windows 11 OS. Make sure you try all four methods in order to get the latest Windows 11 WiFi driver.

Using Windows Update

Yes, you can download and install a WiFi driver using Windows Update on your Windows 11. The method is simple and easy as compared to other ways. So, at first, you should go with this method. Now plug in the wireless adapter and check whether Windows is downloading and installing the needed driver or not. If not then only apply the below-given steps.

  1. Launch Settings App on your Windows 11. You can open it in many ways but easily and quickly is by using the keyboard shortcut Windows and I key.
  2. Now from the left pane hit on the Windows Update tab for the further process.Windows update
  3. After this, from the right side screen tap on Advanced options and then hit on Optional updates option.Optional updates
  4. Now if you have a WiFi driver then do tick on the box and then hit on blue Download & Install button.Download and install button

After all, do restart your Windows 11 to make changes work properly.

Using Device Manager

The Device Manager is a great built-in utility for Windows 11. Using it a user can download, install, and update all drivers on Windows 11. A user can also download, install, and update Windows 11 Wi-Fi driver. Using Device Manager a user can view and modify connected hardware. Go through the below steps to play with Wi-Fi drivers on your Windows 11 using Device Manager.

  1. Navigate to the Search bar and search for Device Manager in it. From the top result tap on Device Manager to launch it.Device manager
  2. Once you have it then in it expand the Network adapters option to have more sub-options.
  3. Now do right tap on your Wi-Fi adapter driver and from the open menu hit on the Update driver option.Update driver
  4. After this, on the screen, you will have two options. Using first you can have a WiFi driver automatically and using second you can have a Wi-Fi driver manually. Here in this guide let’s go with the first option which says “Search automatically for drivers”. We have used the second option in the next method.Search automatically for drivers
  5. Now Windows will automatically download and install the driver for your Windows 11. You will be also informed about it.

So, this is how you can download, install, and update Windows 11 WiFi driver using the inbuilt tool Device Manager.

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Using Official Brand Website

If in case, the disk won’t contain a WiFi driver or Windows Update is not showing any update then you can download and install the Wi-Fi driver from your Official Brand Website like HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc. All the brands have their website on which they upload the latest driver for smooth running. So, you can download, install, and update your WiFi driver from there. However, it is a lengthy process so make sure you apply the exact steps as given below. Before actual steps make sure you create a restore point. It is because when things go out of control you can restore your system back.

  1. As you are downloading and installing the WiFi driver manually you have to check the adapter name and WiFi driver version first. To check it follow the path as Device Manager > Network adapters. Now do right tap on the WiFi driver and hit on the Properties option. After this navigate to the Driver tab. On it, you will have the driver version as well as the adapter name.
  2. Now once you have all the needed information related to driver and adapter launch any browser on your Windows 11. In it search for Wi-Fi driver. Make sure in your search you enter three main keywords such as OS, Laptop Model, and Adapter Name.
  3. After this look for an official brand website. Once you get it then verify there is a driver update or not. You can verify using the driver version you have. If you have it then download it for the further process.
  4. Once downloaded either you will have a .exe file or a .cab file. The way of installing both files is different. If you want to install the .exe file then do a double tap on it and then hit on the Yes option. After this to complete the installation process apply on-screen instruction. If you have a .cab file then you have to extract it. You can extract it using the 7zip app.
  5. After extracting open Device Manager on your Windows 11 and then expand the Network adapters option.
  6. From it do right tap on the WiFi driver and then hit on the Update driver option.Update driver
  7. Now you will have two options. Hit on the “Browse my computer for drivers” option for the further process.Browse my computer for drivers
  8. From the screen tap on the option which says “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.
  9. After this, you will have a list of compatible drivers. In case, if you won’t find the needed driver that is downloaded then hit on Have Disk option.Hit on Have disk
  10. Now hit on the Browse option in order to have the downloaded file.Hit on Browse
  11. Look for the extracted file and then select the .inf file. After this hit on the Open option.Hit on Open
  12. Hit on OK and then on the Next option.
  13. Now after the installation process finishes you will have a screen saying “Windows has successfully updated your drivers”.Successfully installed Drivers

At last, close the Device Manager screen and do restart your Windows 11.

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Using Third-Party Driver Tool

If none of the above methods work in your case then only you should download, install, and update the Wi-Fi driver using third-party software. There are multiple third-party apps using which a user can have the latest WiFi driver on Windows 11 but the best one is Driver Easy. It has two versions like Free and Paid. If you can not afford paid version then you can go with the free version.

Driver Easy

Using it you can download and install a WiFi driver with one click. You just need to download and install this software on your Windows 11. You can download it from its official website. If you don’t want to have Driver Easy then you can have other software such as Double Driver and Snappy Driver Installer.

I hope that after reading this article you can easily Download, Install, and Update Wi-Fi Driver on Windows 11. Make sure you give last priority to third-party driver tools as you have a more easy option such as Windows Update.

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