Best CPU Cooler Fan for PC – For Fast Cooling and Gaming

The maintenance of a computer is important to extend its lifespan and sustain its performance. You do not want your computer or PC to overheat every time you run heavy software or play video games. The most common reason behind overheating computers is a CPU fan that can not bear extremely demanding tasks any longer. You do not need to change to fix CPU fan issues; all you need is a good CPU fan cooler for your PC or laptop. To prevent your computer from overheating and malfunctioning, you need to buy one of the best CPU Coolers for PC to maintain cooler CPU temperatures. To help you narrow down your choices, we have culminated a list of the best CPU Cooler Fan for PC in the market.

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Noctua NH-D15- Best CPU Fan Cooler

Noctua NH-D15 is one of the best CPU cooler fan for PC you can acquire in 2021. This fan shows you great heat emission efficiency along with quiet operation. It keeps your computer system running smoothly while the CPU temperature remains cool, even when running heavy-duty software programs and video games. It has a chromax black dual appearance and comes at a premium price. It also has high RAM compatibility in single CPU Cooler mode together with six Heatpipe dual-tower designs.

Noctua NH-D15


  • 6 Year Brand Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Very Low Noise Adaptors.
  • Two 140mm fans


  • Premium price
  • Not compatible for some PC builds due to its magnitude


Perhaps one of the best-revered CPU Fans, Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is known for its optimum performance and gaming best. It has been around for a while, but its functions and mechanics are crème de la crème for the latest PCs. It is one of the best fan coolers for PC you will find in the market at such a reasonable value. This CPU fan cooler machine has an airflow of 82.9 CFM and a noise level of 36.0 decibels. It has four direct contact heat pipes for superior heat conduction that comes accompanying patent CDC technology.

cooler master hyper 212


  • Best valued judging by its performance and functions
  • Direct Thermal Transfer
  • Well balanced cooling
  • Lower CPU temperature up to 25 degrees


  • RBG lighting does not meet expectations
  • Mounting is a setback for some

Noctua NH-L9i – Editor’s Pick of CPU Cooler

The Noctua NH-L9i CPU fan cooler is the best CPU fan cooler for PC if you ask for our recommendations. It has 100% RAM compatibility and fits Intel sockets with ease while maintaining a low profile. It has equipped adaptability with the best graphics PCIe cards on Mini-ITX boards, and the total magnitude of the CPU fan cooler is just 37mm when it comes to height. It is the perfect choice for a CPU fan cooler for gaming PCs and has insane heat disposal competence within the shortest amount of time.

nh 9li chomax


  • Six-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ultra-compact
  • Low-Noise Adaptor
  • Easy installation


  • Single 92mm fan
  • Mounting Solution poses a problem

Dark Rock Pro 4 – Most Compatible CPU Cooler

As its name suggests, this CPU fan cooler for PC is one of the best because of its virtual silence while functioning. Its well-balanced cooling performance provides fin optimizations with an excellent balance between high and low-speed computer operations. Being the best fan cooler for PC, you can find that its sleek black design is certainly a sight for sore eyes if you judge based on style. When you put this Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU fan cooler to work, the sound level is just 21.4dB, similar to a whisper.

rock 4 cooler


  • Inaudible Silent Wings PWM fans
  • Airflow-optimized Cooling Fins
  • Immense Cooling Power


  • The magnitude of the cooler might be a predicament
  • You might have to add a second fan

IETS Laptop Fan Cooler – Superior CPU Cooler For Laptop

To save your laptop from being inefficient and bearing overheating problems, span up this awesome IETS laptop fan cooler. It is a clip-on, free-standing, compact, and lightweight CPU fan cooler for a laptop that you can carry with you anywhere. This brilliant laptop cooler brings down your CPU temperature rapidly and has a large air volume with low noise functioning when it is switched on. This CPU fan cooler is compatible with various laptops with its three silicon cover sizes. Moreover, it prevents air leakage and improves heat dissipation performance.

iets laptop fan cooler


  • Two-way Installation
  • Exhaust temperature display
  • Automatic and Manual Adjustment Modes


  • Need of a better seal
  • Mounting does not match expectations

Taking proper care of your computer and keeping it chill will nurture its speed, performance, and longevity. To see your computer running at its peak efficiency level, buying the best CPU fan cooler for a PC or laptop is a good call. We have created this list of the best CPU fan cooler for PC after judging their performance, quiet operation, affordability, thermal and heat disposition power, and a mixture of other important characteristics.

With these CPU fan coolers, there will be no more throttling or overheating of the computer system. Your workflow, along with your gaming focus, won’t be hindered anymore when you introduce one of the best CPU fan coolers from the list mentioned above into your PC and laptop.

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