How Android Apps will run on Windows 11? – Amazon Appstore

Microsoft highlighted Android Apps along with the Xbox Gaming Features in the launch event of Windows 11. Microsoft and Amazon together will bring the Android Apps through Amazon Appstore. No need to separately try out different emulators to use or play our favorite mobile apps on PC.

windows 11 android apps

Most Android apps are expected to appear in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. Microsoft Store will become all in one common hub to manage Windows Apps, Games, Entertainment, and even Android Apps. It will list all the installed apps in the Library from where you will be able to update or uninstall apps in bulk.

amazon appstore microsoft store windows 11

Microsoft will also integrate the same environment for Android Apps on their Microsoft Store. Further, Windows 11 will support Google Play Services along with the Apk files. It will create the connective bridge between our PC and Android Phone.

Windows 11 will run Android Apps without an Emulator

As of now, Windows 10 requires an emulator to run Android Apps which has got a lot of disadvantages such as emulators will separately acquire PC resources, you have to fully set up an emulator to even run a single app, and differences in the touch over the mouse controls.

This time, Android apps will come directly integrated with the Windows 11 system. Users will directly be able to open apps from the shortcut on the desktop and start menu.

android apps shortcut start menu windows 11

The emulator only supports apps from the emulator, so in order to run any app, first, we have to run an emulator program then launch the desired app from their menu.

Amazon Appstore will bring Android Apps to Windows 11

Microsoft and Amazon collab to bring Amazon Appstore with Android Apps support to Windows 11. Amazon Appstore already consists of hundreds of Android Apps for TVs, Fire Stick, Fire Tablets, and Android devices. Further, Amazon is expanding its Appstore’s upcoming support for Windows 11.

amazon appstore windows 11

Amazon Appstore will open new gates for developers to promote their apps to millions of Windows users. Windows 11 users will actually be able to use Android Apps on their PCs, which will generate extra revenue for developers.

Android Apps Developers can submit their apps to get published on their Appstore. Amazon Appstore will be launched before Windows 11 release. First, it will be tested by the Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel then it will be released to others.

Microsoft Store to list Android Apps on Windows 11

Microsoft Store will list all the available Android Apps on Amazon Appstore through integrated search. Windows 11 users can directly search, download, and install the Android Apps from Microsoft Store.

All the Android Apps and Games details will be listed with Cover, Icon, Preview, Information, Versions, Reviews, and Similar Apps. It will create a Play Store environment to download apps on Windows 11.

android apps microsoft store

Further, the Microsoft Store library will also list all the installed android apps on PC. Users can directly update or remove apps from the Microsoft Store’s Library.

Windows 11 to support APK and ABB Files

Google is strictly forcing users to only download and install apps from the Play Store but the Apk files give us the independence of using any app on our own phones. Windows 11 might allow the same freedom to install the Android APK or ABB files on our PC.

Windows 11 will enable users to install the downloaded Apk files from the internet, just like we do on Android. It’s a prominent feature to allow Apk files on Windows 11. The Apk files are expected to turn into Android App Bundle (.abb) files and Microsoft has already announced its support for the same.

Windows 11 with Google Play Services

Android Apps are programmed to work on Google Services such as Play Store, Chromium-based Web App, Dialer, and Messages. Apps also follow all the Google guidelines to ask for several permissions. All the needed files, folders, photos, location, system, contacts, and information are configured by the google services on Android Phones.

Windows 11 have to configure the required Google Play Services support for Android Apps. It will create solid roots between our phone and PC. All the apps will pursue the same information on them.

Same Ecosystem for our Phone and PC

Android Apps on Windows 11 will connect the phone ecosystem with computers. It will reduce the distance between Phones and PCs which will boost our productivity for any work we do on both devices.

Currently, most users have become habitual of sharing phones gallery, files, contacts, and messages with the Your Phone application. Further, it will take integration to the next level with the Android Apps support on Windows 11.

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