Android Apps are finally live for Windows 11 – Under Testing

Finally, the most awaited Android Apps feature is live for Windows 11. Microsoft has announced the first testing of Android apps to Windows Insiders on Beta Channel matching the build series. Currently, Microsoft has limited its support to the United States users running on the supported Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm devices.

Android Apps will be backed by the new Windows Subsystem for Android technology. Further, it will power Amazon Appstore Android Apps categories with the help of the Android Open Source Project and the Linux kernel.

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Windows 11 users will get a handful of Android Apps for testing on their machine to properly tune and manage all their controls. Those apps will be available like normal Windows apps and can be accessed from the Start Menu or their icons on the desktop. Overall, users will feel native support for the Android Apps on Windows 11.

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Supported Android Apps on Windows 11

Microsoft has integrated around 50 supported apps into Amazon AppStore to start their testing. Popular app developers and Amazon have taken part to make it possible for the first time in history. Further, these apps will be tested across different hardware to bring more apps in the future.

As of now, start playing your favorite Android Games from Lords Mobile, Coin Master, or Junes’ Journey on Windows 11. Play games side by side with Snap Layouts various display sizes. Take a glimpse at Matchington, Pinterest, Microsoft Word, and GIMP apps that are used on one single screen.

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Amazon AppStore also brings the Kindle App to read your favorite book, novel, or guide with all app gestures on Windows 11. Kindle includes a limitless catalog of popular books and novels.

kindle windows 11

You can interact will all the available apps with a mouse or touch. Apps can be pinned to the Start Menu or Taskbar and will also switch back and forth with the Alt + Tab shortcut, just like the Windows Apps. Android apps notifications will directly appear in the Windows 11 Action Center with snooze or disable options.

Further, Kids Apps are also available to teach them reading, writing, and speaking with Khan Academy Kids Android App and Lego Duplo World. Explore the rest of the available apps on your own, more Android apps will be added in the future.

Android Apps integration with Microsoft Store

Microsoft has aimed the best for its users with the all-new Microsoft Store experience. Users will be able to find the new Android apps section for the first time with the latest Microsoft Store Version 22110.1402.6.0 or higher. Windows Store apps and games catalog will go much wider with the inclusion of mobile apps.

The Store includes both Android Apps and Games to keep you connected with mobile technology on your machine itself. The catalog has got everything you want from action to puzzle games, social apps, productivity tools, hobby trackers, and developer editing tools.

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Microsoft Store will offer the best available options for your single search inclusive of both Windows and Android results. It will give you a better alternative than your current choices for WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Games, Social Apps, Music Players, and Videos Players.

Amazon App Store will takeover your choice to download, install, and run Android Apps on Windows 11. It will be the most seamless experience than emulators.

Amazon AppStore on Windows 11

An overall Windows Subsystem for Android to include Linux kernel and Android operating system based on the Open Source Project version 11 will be available as a single Amazon AppStore packet from the Microsoft Store.

amazon appstore preview windows 11

Amazon App Store will keep the required Android components updated without official support for the Google Play services. Microsoft will also add the support for more APIs and features directly with its update.

Further, Amazon AppStore has already started interacting with the developer community to publish more and more apps to the Store. Windows has also released tools to test and debug Android apps on their platform.

Windows Subsystem for Android

Windows Subsystem for Android will include Linux kernel and Open Source Android 11 to run Android Apps in Amazon AppStore on Windows 11. It’s supported on all the AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm processors.

windows subsystem for android

Microsoft has included the Intel Bridge Technology to support Arm-only apps across AMD and Intel devices. It will bring more apps to the major section of devices. Users’ devices must meet the requirements set by Microsoft to get the best experience of Subsystem for Android.

Windows Subsystem for Android runs in Microsoft’s own Hyper-V Virtual Machine to map the App layers with the Windows GPU, RAM, Inputs, and sensors. We have already dived deep into the details on how this Subsystem will ultimately work as an AOSP.

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