When is Windows 11 Coming Out? – Release Date

After the latest launch event of Windows 11 on the 24th of June 2021, Microsoft has started testing it through the Windows Insider Programs. Windows 11 first build was released just 4 days after the event on 28th June and since then weekly updates are rolled out with several changes and improvements to the users.

Microsoft has set very specific requirements to get a free upgrade to Windows 11. Windows 10 users must have enabled UEFI Mode with TMP 2.0 chips support, Secure Boot, DirectX 12, and WDDM 2.0 Drivers. Other hardware requirements include more than 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of Storage, and a Multi-core Processor with 1 GHz of Clock Speed.

Actual Windows 11 System Requirements to get free Upgrade

Users have to join Windows Insider Program from their Microsoft Account through Dev or Beta Channels. Then Windows 10 users will receive a notification with Windows 11 is coming message. Let’s look at this notification message in brief.

Also, check out the latest Windows 11 22000.132 build features and improvements.

Windows 11 is Coming Notification on Windows 10

Microsoft sends Windows 11 free upgrade notifications to only Windows Insiders. Users’ PC must have all the mentioned specifications. Mostly, Windows 10 users will receive a notification with Windows 11 is coming message.

when windows 11 is coming out

Further, Windows 11 is coming notification specifies that Windows 11 Preview ISO has a new decent Start Menu with direct shortcuts to favorite apps and recent files. Windows 11 is a new way to connect with people, read world news, and play more games. You can learn more on their official Microsoft Site or ignore the notification.

Windows 11 is coming notification doesn’t imply the actual release date but only a prior announcement before the actual release. Anyway, you must be curious about the Windows 11 release date to officially try its stable version on your PC.

Download Windows 11 Beta – ISO File & Upgrade

Windows 11 Release Date

Microsoft and other manufacturers have already hinted at the same release date of Windows 11. Let’s look at all the facts and leaks to conclude the actual dates of the Windows 11 Release. First, we will start from the very official Microsoft Statements.

Microsoft clearly mentioned the Windows 11 Release by the fall of the holidays season later this year. Holidays Seasons mostly falls at the end of October or start of the November. Next, let’s look at the official cover pictures by Microsoft on their Windows 11 official pages.

Microsoft showcased Windows 11 Widgets and many apps during its launch event. One of the Widgets screenshots suggested at the 20th October 2021 to be the release date for Windows 11. Check out the below picture for confirmation.

windows 11 release date 20 october 2021

Then came the giant Intel to add support for Microsoft Windows 11 64-bit – October 2021 Update with 21H2 version, as seen from the below screenshot. Intel also removed the release date due to Microsoft Pressure.

Later Walmart shopping site mentioned a free upgrade to the listed Laptops as a Windows October 21 Update. Well, a Windows October 21 Update is meant only as Windows 11 update. Immediately details were changed and edited as per Microsoft official sources.

Combining all the leaks and data, Microsoft hints at 20th October 2021 to be the precise release date of Windows 11.

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