How to set Gif Wallpaper in Windows 10? – Animated Desktop Background

As we know that many computer users love to put wallpaper on their computer as per their choice. And nowadays there is a new trend of Gif wallpaper which looks cool and awesome. But there is one problem, Windows 10 does not support Gifs Background. But don’t worry we are here to give you 2 best tricks by which you can have your Gif wallpaper on your Windows 10 desktop. I must say that there are lots of online software by which you can set Animated Gifs background on your computer but the best one is BioniX and Plastuer, which will help you out to have Gif wallpaper on desktop.Windows 10 Gif wallpaper

Among this third party software, BioniX is free software which does not require money to use. But on the other hand like Plastuer will charge a payment for downloading it. Let’s start first of all with free software name as BioniX.

BioniX Gif Wallpaper Windows 10

The main feature of Bionix is that it is free of cost to use it as I have told you in the introduction. And there are also many other features which make BioniX best from other software for Windows 10 PC. So, let’s have steps to download and install it and most importantly how to use it.

  1. Step 1: At first you need to Download Bionix and install it accepting some installation confirmation.
  2. Step 2: Before going to further steps first you should have the best Gif wallpaper in your PC so, you can use it.
  3. Step 3: Now open the BioniX software and select the Tools option from the menu toolbar.
  4. Step 4: By clicking on Tools you will have options just tap on Wallpaper animator.gif Tools
  5. Step 5: Now you will have a new interface showing as follow. Under that write the path of Gif wallpaper I mean write the address where you have saved them. Now it will give you the list of Live and Animated Gifs Desktop Background you have on your computer.Wallpaper animator
  6. Step 6: Finally click on the Gif wallpaper you want to set on the desktop and adjust its settings as per your convenience like Animated speed, magnification and image quality and all.

So, this is how you can use BioniX software to set Gif wallpaper on your Windows 10. And make sure you follow steps to do soo. Otherwise, you may not get an expected result.

Plastuer for Gif Desktop Background

Plastuer is another software which will help you out to set Gif desktop wallpaper on the windows 10. Yes, we can say that it is similar to BioniX but somewhat different also. Like its interface is good then BioniX. So, let’s start the steps to download it, install it and also how to use it.

  1. Step 1: Visit Plastuer Site and scroll it till the end and write the amount you want to pay and tap on the Buy Now button.Plastuer gif background windows 10
  2. Step 2: Now write your email after payment because they will send you downloading link for the software and hit Confirm.
  3. Step 3: Now go on your desktop and do right click on the downloaded file and select Extract all.
  4. Step 4: Now write the Path where you want to extract this file and hit Extract.
  5. Step 5: You will have extracted the folder and do double click on Plastuer.exe to have the program.
  6. Step 6: Plastuer does not require installation because of its portable program feature for Windows 10.
  7. Step 6: Now you have to choose the monitors.Select monitor
  8. Step 7: Tap on Select File to have your best Gif Background and if you don’t have Animated Gif in your local storage and you have its URL so just paste URL to have your best Gifs wallpaper. And tap on Save button.Main menu
  9. Step 8: Now select the wallpaper layout and background color and click on the Save button.
  10. Step 9: You have set background now its turn to create a Playlist. As you know that we have to add the first wallpaper to a playlist and you can also paste the URL to have your wallpaper.
  11. Step 10: Now once again select the layout and background-color for the background.
  12. Step 11: Once your playlist is a ready tap on the Save button.
  13. Step 12: Select the path where your playlist will be stored and name the playlist and tap on the Save button.
  14. Step 13: Now finally hit Save to use the playlist.
  15. Step 14: Plastuer also offers free desktop wallpaper to you, to have it go to the main menu and tap on Browse Gallery. Browse Gallary

So, this how you can use Plastuer to have Gif wallpaper on windows 10.  And make sure you apply all steps without skipping any step and in sequence because avoiding any step will confuse you.

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That’s it. These were easy methods to makes you aware of the software name as BioniX and Plastuer. So, both the software are best to use. I hope that this blog will help you out to set Gif wallpaper in windows 10 easily.

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