Fix Runtime Broker high CPU Usage in Windows 10

runtime broker windows 10

Microsoft Runtime Broker is a legitimate Windows process that is essential to keep a Windows 10 computer running. But because it tends to use too much memory and increase CPU load sporadically, the Runtime Broker process has gained a bad reputation and even become attached to being a virus. Are you facing problems such as …

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Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC – Everything you need to know.!

microsoft 365

Microsoft after unveiling Windows 11 came up with one more groundbreaking Windows 365 announcement on the 14th of July 2021. Microsoft is best at bringing new innovative products one after the other. Windows 365 seems one of the most innovative ideas to take Windows Operating System to the cloud. Microsoft 365 will be a cloud-based …

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Fix Post Error on Windows PC Startup – EasyWebFixes

post error

Computer problems and errors hinder our daily lives, and none of us desire them in general. But when they do appear, they are unavoidable and need instant attention to work out. Post Error on Windows PC Startup is one such problem that needs to be solved step and step and prevented from appearing in the …

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Fix BAD POOL CALLER Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

bad pool caller

Is your Windows 10 computer stuck in a booting loop or crashing before restarting again? Do you see some of your files and folders missing after these kinds of incidents, signaling data pool loss in your system? One of the most common reasons behind it is Bad Pool Caller error. Bad Pool Caller is a …

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Best CPU Cooler Fan for PC – For Fast Cooling and Gaming

cpu cooler fan

The maintenance of a computer is important to extend its lifespan and sustain its performance. You do not want your computer or PC to overheat every time you run heavy software or play video games. The most common reason behind overheating computers is a CPU fan that can not bear extremely demanding tasks any longer. …

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How to fix CPU Fan Error on Windows PCs and Laptop?

cpu fan error

None of us want to witness the sign of “CPU Fan Error” displayed on our screen. But when it does come unannounced, we are often scared to death. Such Hardware Functionality errors may cause a hindrance to our daily work on our PCs. That is why we must learn how to fix the CPU fan …

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Feature Update to Windows 10, Version 21H2 – What’s new?

windows 10 21h2

After the version 21H1, Microsoft has announced the next feature update to Windows 10 version 21H2. After the recent launch event of Windows 11, Microsoft has also promised to deliver the best updates to their Windows 10 users. The Feature Update to 21H2 will enhance the security with new features. The covid pandemic had a …

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How to Control CPU Fan Speed on Windows 10?

control cpu fan

To sustain optimum performance, you have to learn how to maintain a normal CPU temperature of a computer. If you are witnessing your computer overheating, consider it as a warning sign and take preventive measures. Such as learning how to control the CPU fan speed on your Windows 10 computer. It will help your PC …

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How to remove Microsoft News App from Windows 10?

How to remove Microsoft New App from Windows 10

Well, in this controversial world people are waiting for new and interesting news. There are two main sources of having news. The one is a physical newspaper and the second is social apps such as Microsoft News App. In this technical world, most people use to prefer social news app instead of a physical newspapers. …

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