{4 Tools} Bypass Android Lock Screen Removal Tools

As we know that nowadays most people are using Android phones because it provides multiple features that are beneficial for a particular user. If we talk about its features then one feature came into an eye that is the lock screen. This feature provides a number of lock screens like a lock in the way of password, pattern, pin, fingerprint and all. In today’s world, all need their privacy because no one wants to share their personal life. Let me explain this concept with the example. If a person has its personal detail in his or her phone then definitely he or she will use a lock screen on android phone so lock screen plays an essential role if the user doesn’t want to hand over a private detail or we can say information to others. 

Some times the lock screen feature also creates the problem and this you can be in a problematic situation. Like if by mistake you have locked the important information which is on your android phone and you don’t know what is the exact password, pin or pattern then unlocking it will depend on which type of lock you use. Many users have complained to us that this problem is frustrating to us so what is the way to bypass the lock screen? So, after studying it and we are here with some of the important lock screen removal tools. Follow the below fixes with their detailed solutions.

Use dr.fone – Screen Unlock (Android)

The one software company name as Wondershare has launched one of the best software for unlocking lock screens like password, pin, fingerprint, and pattern as well. This software is known as dr.fone – Screen Unlock. The best advantage of using this software or we can say the tool is that it will not lose your existing data which is on your android phone. Now follow the below steps to know how to make use of it to bypass the Android lock screen but before it makes sure you have downloaded this software from its official website.

  1. First of all, open the dr.fone software on your PC then you will have multiple options but tap on the Unlock which is denoted by a lock that is unlocked.Tap on Unlock option
  2.  Now its time to connect your Android phone with the PC. Once you connect it then tap on the Unlock Android Screen option.
  3. Now fillup the information related to your Android phone like your brand name, device name and device model.Fill the information
  4. After that boot your android device into Download Mode.
  5. Once your phone is in download mode then the recovery package is downloaded.
  6. Once the download is done then it will start its real work means it will unlock your phone.

So, these were the steps to use the dr.fone software on your PC and to unlock your android phone.

Make use of “Forgot pattern” option

This method is a common and simple method because most of the users are applying this fix. When you forgot your password, pin, pattern, and fingerprint then after trying consistently you will have one message saying “Tap Next to unlock with security question or try again in 30 seconds. You have 5 tries left”. So, exactly bottom of the message you will have one option name as Forgot pattern? so tap on it. Mobile data is required to apply this option so first enable Mobile Network and tap on Forgot Pattern option, then you have to fill up some important information related to Google Account. After all, paste the Gmail ID and give the password so that Google can send you the email for the new unlock pattern. At last reset the pattern as per your mind.Tap on Forgot Pattern

Use 4uKey for Android

This software is one of the best software because using it you will easily bypass your Android phone lock in seconds. I must say that this software is safe to use and there is no risk of data loss so use it without any tension.

  1. First of all, download it from its official website and install it on your PC. Once you install it then connect your android phone with the computer. Once you connected it then the software will download the driver which is compatible with your android phone.
  2. Now you will see Remove Screen Lock option so tap on it then the software will provide you the data package which will help you to unlock your Android phone.
  3. Once the data package is sent then you will have a message saying bypassing the Android lock might remove all your data from the device. So, tap on the Yes option for granting permission.Hit on the Yes
  4. Now you can open your android phone without any lock screen.

Likewise, you can use 4uKey for Android to unlock your phone is a single click. Make sure you follow all the steps in sequence.

Use the Factory Reset Feature

Well, you can use a factory reset for unlocking your phone when you are in an emergency and you have important data on that device. And its advantage is that you can use it on all android phones. Factory reset will also remove all the hidden apps on Android and will erase all the app data too. So follow the steps in sequence to factory reset your phone.

  1. Turn off your phone and hold the power button and volume button at the same time for the further process.
  2. Now you will have a new screen showing a Recovery Mode option so to tap on it hold the power button.
  3. Once you are on the Recovery mode then select the factory reset or wipe the data. 
  4. Wait till the process is not completed and if the process is completed then do reboot your Android phone.

So this is how you can make use of factory reset on your Android phones.

I hope that this much tool or we can say fixes are enough to unlock your Android phone. Besides, you can also use one more tool that is iSeePassword. Make sure you download it from the official website. So, this was all about Android lock screen removal tools.

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