Solutions Of “Screen Overlay Detected” Error Submitted by Readers

Solutions of Screen Overlay Detected:

After browsing all over the internet and reading all comments, we found that Screen Overlay Detected error is becoming more and more annoying for all android marshmallow users. As different Android devices have different configuration hence there are lot of different solutions to Screen Overlay Detected error. Hence we started collecting different solutions to Screen Overlay Detected error which worked for them perfectly.

Below we have got set of different solutions worked for most of our readers. This may also help you guys to solve screen overlay detected in your android device. Do share your views in the comment section below, which solution worked for you so that it can also help your friends to solve this Screen Overlay Error.

Solutions of Screen Overlay Detected:

Solutions of “Screen Overlay Detected” Error Submitted by Readers:

  1. Download ‘Alert Window Checker’. This app will tell you which apps are currently using an OVERLAY and at least one of them will be your culprit. Once you find out which one it is, temporarily disable ‘Screen Overlay’ for that app and go make your permission changes etc.

  2. Uhm, I don’t know if this would help but when you’re on “draw over apps” the top right corner where the settings are (three vertical dots) it might say “show system” that would mean your system is hidden so therefore you didn’t disable all apps, so show your system, and then disable screen overlay for all apps.
  3. In addition to security apps, it seems that apps that “boost” phone performance cause Screen Overlay Detected message to come up too. If you force stop or uninstall the any Security App and Performance Boost App like 360 Security, the screen overlay message will not come up.
  4. App causing Screen Overlay Detected error on tecno w2 android 6…
    App Name BABEL FONTS
    Package Name :com.mephone.fonts
    Source directory : /data/app/com.mephone.fonts-1/base.apkI just uninstalled the app and the Screen Overlay problem on techno w2 was Gone. I am now happy that why i came back to tell you what i did because this really annoyed me and i didn’t not want to factory reset my device.
  5. I did this, step by step with want is said here and other places, and yet, it is still telling me to turn off the screen overlay. HTC One M8. Recent apps, Transformers, Arrow, Navy Federal, Youtube Studio, Hellofresh, SiriusXM. Error was discovered while trying to use Youtube Studio app. I’ll go and uninstall that to see if it is the fault. (moments later) I have restarted the phone and the error went away. However, reading further in the comments while waiting for the phone to reboot, turning off all the overlay permissions REQUIRES A RESTART of the phone. So…. either one of these fixed my phone. It works now.
  6. *Galaxy s6 Edge – I tried it all of the above and nothing worked. Finally, I found the app causing the problem. I had the “360 Security – Antivirus Boost” app installed and notice under permissions allowed it had all the permissions ON so automatically I realized the app causing the “Screen Overlay” so I immediately uninstalled the app and guess what…the darn “Screen Overlay Detected” message was gone!
  7. I turn off Screen Overlay for all apps but still screen overlay detected was appearing again and again then I found that I had enabled ES Swipe in ESFile Explorer and disabling from Es file explorer made this error away. Even when I disabled it in the draw over app settings it didn’t worked, so I suggest you check if you have enabled any apps swipe settings disable it from that app and try again.
  8. I disabled all the the apps that draw over screen but still I was unable to give permission. I was really frustrated as I was even unable save a contact in my phone as it requires permission to storage. Atlast once I disabled all the apps, I closed all my apps down and reset my phone. It worked for me.
  9. I uninstalled 360 security and it worked and then reinstalled it.
  10. Mine was 360 security. I’m pretty tech savvy and I even broke down and called samsung and they were no help. So I factory reset my phone and the problem was still their. I read some comments and deleted 360 security and Its back to normal. Thanks everyone.
  11. In my case, what was causing the problem was Google Photos, which had been updated this afternoon. Once I went to the Play Store and realized it had been updated, clicked on “Uninstall” and my problem was instantly solved. Nothing else worked, not even disabling “Permit draw over other apps” for every single app did the trick. Only solution was uninstalling Google Photos.
  12. es yes mine was being caused by DU battery but after uinstalling it everything is perfect now thanks.
  13. You’re AWESOME!! Worked like a charm! Did exactly what you said to do, which you explained PERFECTLY, and problem fixed! By the way, just as you called it, the culprit was the app that adjusted my cell phone brightness. You did good! Thank you so much! Now I can get on with my life 🙂
  14. If you do not want to waste time finding out which floating app causes the displaying of the “Screen Overlay Detected” dialogue in order to temporarily disable the floating app to draw over other apps and then have to re-enable the overlay permission of the floating app after you let Android grants the required permissions of your newly installed app by selecting “ALLOW” in the permission dialogue, or the annoying “Screen Overlay Detected” dialogue still pops up every time you select “ALLOW” in the permission dialogue after you confirm all floating apps overlay permission have been disabled(this happens to my phones sometimes when I tested my app), all you need to do is to grant the required permission of your newly installed app yourself directly using the Settings app. The steps are:
    1. Open Settings App
    2. Tap on “Apps” to open the Apps page
    3. Scroll down the list of installed apps to find your newly installed app and tap on it to open the App Info page of the newly installed app. You would see “No permissions granted” under Permissions
    4. Tap on “Permission” to open the App permissions page of the newly installed app, tap on all the switches to grant all required permissions to the newly installed app.
    5. Return to your installed app, if the “Screen Overlay Detected” dialogue is still displayed, tap elsewhere (not on the dialogue) on your app screen and the dialogue would disappear, if the permission dialogue is displayed, just select “ALLOW” and it would disappear.
  15. I had disabled everything but the error would still pop up. I figured out it was the DU battery saver app and as soon as i unistalled it everythong worked again! this was on my samsung s6. Hopfully this helps someone else!
  16. I had 2 DU apps on my HTC ONE M8 after uninstalling them both the problem was solved and no more annoying adverts as well. Thanks!
  17. I just deleted a bunch of apps (Facebook, Messenger, What’s App etc) and restarted my phone and it has fixed the issue… Finally! Hallelujah! 😉
  18. I was trying to free up space. I reset the FB app. And as such the permissions were reset too. When that happened, I had also setup OneNote, which comes with a new feature of OneNote Badge. Well that was an error in itself. SO I tried disabling and enabling App Permission for FB still the same. SO I disabled the OneNOte Badge App and it was grand. So I looked the issue up and it’s actually a known error.
  19. Just to let you know guys that Messenger app (Facebook) was the culprit in my case. I disabled only that and the problem was gone.
  20. Screen Overlay detected problem solved:
    By Following this simple guide:
    >Option(Three Dots)
    >Click on “Draw Over Other Apps” OR “App Can Appear on Top” whichever option available in your device…
    >Now list of apps whose screen overlay is enabled will appear…
    >Disable /Turn Off For All App…
    Then Your Problem Must Be Solved…
  21. Try the above steps and restart your phone. It works on me.
  22. On my Nexus 7 2012 it was the File Manager HD that I had to disable screen overlays. Then all was well.
  23. For me it was the “Twilight” app. This app changes the screen color temperature to reduce blue light at dusk. Uninstalled the app and that solved the problem.
  24. The fix for me was uninstalling FileManager HD.
    Motorola Moto x pure edition 2015.

So this was all applied solutions to screen overlay detected error, submitted by our readers. These solutions worked for them perfectly. It may be helpful to you too. Do share your views in the comment section below, which solution worked for you so that it can also help your friends to solve this Screen Overlay Error.

43 thoughts on “Solutions Of “Screen Overlay Detected” Error Submitted by Readers”

  1. On my Galaxy S5 uninstalling 360 Security did the trick. Thank you so much!!! Worked on this for hours!!

  2. a permanent solution is do backup of your phone.
    then do a factory reset.
    once reset has been done login using your google account but do not restore your apps from old device, nor make any updates(update all apps) at play store.
    install applications a fresh, while at the same time adding the permissions on each application installed as u move on.
    NB: for all other apps that require updates run updates one application at a time.

  3. No suggested solutions worked for me until I finally made a list of the apps that needed permissions granted, booted my Droid Turbo in safe mode, easily granted all the needed permissions and re-booted. If I have to add a new app I will simply use safe mode again if the app needs permissions granted. (To get to safe mode, long-press the power button, then long-press the screen shut-down message and select safe mode.)

  4. Comment:Yes it worked for me just now, I switched off the apps it didn’t work but I uninstalled the brush app and battery saver, the problem was over. Thanks for your assistance

  5. In my case I tried disabling draw over apps option and resetting the app preference but it didn’t work. It worked when I force stopped DU speed booster app.

  6. I have a galaxy 5 active, when I open apps and select the 3 dots to the upper right corner) I selfless show apps, but there is no ‘configure apos option (step 2 or 3) I’m stuck and still haing he overlay issue. . Anyone else have a 5 active and have been successful with this? If so PLEASE HELP!!!

  7. I use techno w2……the solution came by just deleting BABEL Front app….Now when an application shows “Allow app to access phone”i just press allow…..The problem is gone completely.

  8. I’m using a techno w3. I suddenly encountered this problem of screen overlay a few days ago. Actually , it’s been very frustrating. A tried all the available or known solutions but to no avail. I was about to do a factory reset, then I run into your article with the various ways to remedy the fault. The one with tecno w2 worked for me! I simply disabled the Babel font app and off I went!
    Thanks for the help. I’m sure it will work for all techno phones that have the Babel font app preinstalled.
    However, from my experience, I believe the best thing to do, generally, for all android phones when you get the notification of screen overlay is simply to follow what you are asked to do: that is go to setting, then apps. Then you work your way to get to ‘DRAW OVER OTHER APPS’ where you have to turn off the apps. My advice is rather to note down the apps that appear under ‘draw over other apps’ and return to ‘manage apps’ and try to uninstall them one at a time to see if the problem will be solved. Certainly, the apps causing the problem is one of those mentioned so just uninstall or disable one at a time and check till you get the bad guy.
    Thanks again!

  9. Guys, Disable Google photos after disabling all permissions.It will Definitely work. It literally worked for me.
    I was vey pissed & decided to do everything to remove that shitty error. finally found it on this website itself.

  10. Wow! You cleared my headache. No 13, the Window Alert Checker worked for me. And I guess the app that was causing the problem was babel font app.

    Thanks for the help!

  11. This was very helpful!
    I was having trouble after turning off draw over other apps for all of my apps. Number 6 on this list was very helpful. I had to uninstall ES file explorer (which is fine cause I no longer like it anyway). But that worked perfectly.

  12. I tried everything but it didn’t work. At first, I was skeptical about the “Alert Window Checker” but i had to download at last. When you open that app, It actually scans through your phone and tells which app is currently running screen overlays. As soon as it displayed which app it was (ES Explorer in my own case), I tapped on it and used the Force Stop to End the process, everything went back to normal. I didn’t even have to uninstall any app, just Force Stop it and didn’t open ES Explorer again until i gain all the permission i needed.

  13. ESFile explorer was the culprit for me. Uninstalled it. Got my camera location setting to work. Reinstalled ESFE. Everything OK. Found Alert Window Checker after the fix – it looks good.

  14. Thanks so much. Babel Font app should be ban after causing me so much waste of time, money, headache

  15. Comment:Thanks for this write up i have same problem on my Techno W3, i disable Babel font and my phone is perfectly working

  16. After train solución including setting all apps including system app no to overlay the one thing that worked for me was stopping file manager app

    Is it me or this function to overlay on over apps is a bit it ridiculous has any and all apps can request that over and over and over and over

  17. A simple and an effective solution~ FORCE STOP ALL APPS(ALL OF THEM), THEN TRY TO GRANT THEM PERMISSION, PROBLEM SOLVED. Worked for me, it’ll further depend on the type of problem you face.

  18. wow it worked like a miracle. Simple way I turned off my screen overlay setting I simply uninstalled my du booster and now things are back to normal.

  19. Un-install Facebook, messenger, whatsapp, truecalller and babel font. Grant all permissions and then re-install them back

  20. Thanks Everyone! Y’all r awesome , for my ZTE phone the culprit was ES Swipe enabled thru ES File settings. Disabled it and Boom! Problem solved. Happy! Happy! Happy!

  21. Are you using Tecno W2? Please go straight and disable or uninstall that useless ‘BaBel Font’ and it will work because it worked for me after very frustrating experience. I usually don’t comment most of the times, but don’t want someone else to go through the frustrating experience I went through.

    Thank you.

  22. The second solution you gave me to solve the draw over application really great, it worked for my phone tecno w2

  23. First, thanks to Wild Tricks team for giving solution for screen overly problem.
    I used second option for my Moto G3 cell and its works for me.
    Please uninstall ES file explore from your device and it will working fine.
    Thanks to team.

  24. We are glad that our solutions are working for you guys, and thanks for showing your gratitude towards our hard work…

  25. My Screen Over Lay problem was resolve after I uninstalled my DU Speed Booster and DU Battery Saver apps.
    Thanks Wild Tricks for the Ideas. I have tried the other recommended solutions also but the problem still persist.

  26. A piece of cake and simply solved by uninstalling all user applications installed in ma phone. Smile!

  27. Thank you so much. My Tecno W4 gave me lots of headache when I just couldnt use a lot of my apps. I used Step 14 above and it solved the problems for me. I painstakingly went through the steps and, Voila!!!, I am free! Once again, thanks a lot.

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