Everything you need to know about Windows 11x and its concepts

Well, Windows has been our best OS for years. It is a platform where we wrote our first email, played the first game, and wrote the first line of code. The Windows is for connecting, achieving, learning, and creating. On Windows billions of people are relay. I must say that the web we are using was born and grown on Windows. Nowadays it has become the backbone of global businesses. The main and interesting part of Windows is that it keeps on changing from time to time.

In the month of October Microsoft has released a new OS named Windows 11 on date 5. These days are back after 6 years. Microsoft felt that now in this world people are using PC’s in their day to day lives so there is need to develop new OS having a great design and smooth working.

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When it comes to Windows 11 I have been using it since its preview release (June). I have spent time with it and believe I loved it. I feel that it is a startup of the new era of OS. Windows 11 consists of new features, improvements, and changes. As we know that Microsoft keeps continuing on developing a new OS for user satisfaction. After the release of Windows 11 now they are working on Windows 11x. For detailed information at first read, “What is Windows 11x?” then start reading about Windows 11x from the next guide.

What is Windows 11x?

Well, Windows 11x will be the new OS in the future. Windows 11x will come up with new features, improvements, and changes. The biggest change is its new interface. In Windows 11x, there will be a center-aligned Start Menu, rounded edge new cleaner, and pastel shading. The overall interface of Windows 11x will also be sleeker pleasant to look at. Additionally, users will be able to directly change the location of the Start Menu to left, right, or top from the settings.

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Apart from the interface, Microsoft must carry all the Windows 10 and Windows 11 features to the new Windows 11x. This is because to keep the familiar experience of older users. No doubt Microsoft has added features and improvements to make it more satisfactory for its users. The biggest improvement that enhances satisfaction is the ability to run the android applications without any workaround. You can also run android apps on Windows 11 but you have to apply some workaround. Unlike Windows 11 N or other editions, Windows 11x will have android apps such as TikTok on Microsoft Store. So, from there you can download and use it on Windows 11 OS. Google Play Store may also be integrated with the Microsoft Store to bring million of android apps to their catalog.

Microsoft has given a greater upgrade on Windows 11x with Snap Layout. Using snap layout a user can move the app and hide or lock then in some portion of the screen. The same feature is on Windows 10 but here it is with the ability to custom loadouts. Using it you can quickly set up your workflow and the system will remember where the app is placed. On Windows 11x you can also toggle between several desktop layouts same as Apple’s macOS.

In Windows 11x, Microsoft will improve gaming performance with some of the features such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage.

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Everything you need to know about Windows 11x and its concepts

I think that in the future Microsoft will release a better version than Windows 11 that is Windows 11x. It is said that Microsoft will release Windows 11x in the first half of 2022. Microsoft must be working behind closed doors on the new OS. The aim of Microsoft is to provide a light version of OS with a modern User Interface. This new version is for mid-range and flagship folding computers and PCs with two screens. To know all about Windows 11x make sure you read this whole guide till the end.

Everything you need to know about Windows 11x and its concepts

RTM version of Windows 11x

The RTM (Release To Manufacturing) versions of Windows 11x will be released in May 2022. The Release To Manufacturing means versions will be only released for manufacturers so that they can find out bugs and fixes from it. If there will be any bug or problem then they will fix it. It does not mean they will be able to find out all bugs. In all tech devices, there are bugs and fixes. If Microsoft will feel that this is the right time to release Windows 11x for the general public then they will release it for you. You have to wait for a better Windows experience as you have waited for Windows 11. 

Windows 11x competitor of Chrome OS

Windows 11x version is developed for competing with directly Chromebook market. It is because Windows 11x has capabilities that it can compete with Chrome OS. Windows 11x version is a lightweight system with great security and performance. On it, you can run Windows applications as it has energy efficiency. Moreover, Windows 11x will be run on ARM-based PCs. This can only happen when OEMs will release ARM devices with this Windows 11x OS. Make note that Windows 11x will only be available if you have a new PC with the system preinstalled.

Microsoft Cloud PC

Microsoft is planning to remove Win32 apps locally from Windows 11x but at the same time, Microsoft will introduce a new cloud PC app. They are introducing this new streaming app service to fill the gap of removal of Win32 apps. You can install apps on cloud apps so that you can stream all that apps on any device. This will not affect your storage and performance. On Windows 11x you can install heavy applications as you have a cloud app it will not affect your PC or Laptop.

The great thing about the Cloud App feature is that a user can access Win32 apps with it. The Cloud apps service will be integrated with your Windows 11x. It will also sync with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Once you install apps on a cloud PC then it will be seen in Start Menu. It will look like a native Windows program.

Apart from this, Microsoft has changed many things such as Start Menu, Action Center, Taskbar, and File Explorer. For all this, you have to wait.

For Microsoft year 2022 is great because it will come with the newest OS that is Windows 11x. I hope that after reading this blog you are aware of Windows 11x concepts.

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