How to download and install Windows 11 SE ISO file?

Recently Microsoft announced a new Surface Laptop SE with their new edition of Windows 11 SE for education. The Microsoft Surface Laptop SE with preinstalled Windows 11 SE will be the best suitable device for the K-8 grade students. Microsoft has promised the Windows 11 SE download will also be released for other brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Acer, JP-IK, Positivo, ASUS, and Dynabook devices with Intel and AMD processors.

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Post the pandemic, there is a vast increase in the usage of laptops for education, even for up to K-8 grade students. They need laptops to attend online classes, take notes, create or read document files, browse for the topics, complete homework, and more. Microsoft wants to take this opportunity to encourage institutions and students with the new ecosystem of Windows 11 SE on the devices.

The new Windows 11 SE environment will power the teachers to educate their students with their selective learning tools and methods. On the other hand, students will get the best features to enhance their learning process. Students can create, edit, or read documents with Microsoft 365 Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Additional OneDrive cloud storage will sync students’ files to make them accessible from other devices.

Getting attracted to the features, users and institutions are asking, Where to download and install Windows 11 SE ISO on their devices? What are its system requirements? and Which apps are compatible with this system? We have cleared all the doubts about the topic.

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Windows 11 SE System Requirements

Microsoft has mentioned the Windows 11 SE requirements to be the same as Windows 11, in its FAQs document. Windows 11 specifications have got higher expectations to perform well with all sorts of applications, games, and usage. On the other hand, Windows 11 SE is a cloud-first OS to deliver a robust experience on low-cost devices.

We have narrowed down the Windows 11 SE recommended requirements from the newly launched specs sheet of the Microsoft Surface Laptop SE and Windows 11.

  • 4 GB of DDR4 RAM
  • 64 GB of faster eMMC or SSD Storage
  • Newer Intel or AMD Processor with 1 GHz of Clock Speed
  • Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 or AMD Radeon R4/R5
  • UEFI Boot Mode with Enabled Secure Boot
  • TPM 2.0 Chip
  • 720p HD Display with 1366 x 768 Resolution
  • WiFi 802.11a and Bluetooth 5.0 LE Support

These were the recommended requirements, now let’s jump to Windows 11 SE ISO download section.

Download Windows 11 SE ISO

Windows 11 SE is part and the new edition of Windows for Education. Now, Windows 11 Education, Windows 11 PRO Education, and Windows 11 SE are three separate editions by Windows for Education. With one common education purpose, Microsoft has kept the different editions for different types of students.

download windows 11 se iso
Download Windows 11 SE ISO

Unlike Windows 11 Education edition, Windows 11 SE can’t be separately downloaded and installed from the ISO image. Unfortunately, it will come preinstalled on the devices.

Further, Windows 11 SE will be managed by the IT Admins of the institutions or schools. They may get the option to download and install Windows 11 SE on their student’s laptops.

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Compatible Apps with Windows 11 SE

First of all, Windows 11 SE will come only with the important utilities and apps such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams & Chat, Paint, Calendar, Photos, Movies & TV, Calculator, Alarm & Clock, Notepad, and Tips apps. The Microsoft Store and Xbox apps will be prohibited on the devices.

To keep the distraction-free environment for the students, teachers or IT Admins will have full control over allowing the apps to the devices. Students can choose Google Chrome and Zoom over Microsoft Edge and Teams but can’t sideload other non-educational applications. Look at the steps to download Google Chrome on Windows 11.

Other educational web apps can be accessed from the browser or their extensions without installation. Soon more apps will be available to the educational app’s categories such as Content-filtering, Test-taking solutions, Accessibility, Classrooms communications, Essential diagnostics, and Browsers.

That’s it, we will conclude the Windows 11 SE download, requirements, and app compatibility topic.

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