What is the cost price of Windows 11? – Home/Pro

Microsoft started rolling out Windows 11 free upgrade to Windows 10 users on 5th October 2021. Yes, you read it correctly that Windows 11 will cost nothing to the Windows 10 users. Even Windows 11 Home and Pro will be freely activated with the respective Windows 10 Home and Pro activation keys.

windows 11 cost price

That’s all about the free upgrade but How much does Windows 11 cost? What is the price of Windows 11 Home, Pro, Education, Enterprise, and Workstation editions? We have answered all the questions in this post.

How much does Windows 11 cost?

Windows 11 has got several editions such as Home, Pro, Home Single Language, Education, Pro for WorkStation, Enterprise, and their respective N editions. Each edition is meant for a different purpose. Let’s understand their differences before concluding Windows 11 pricing.

Windows 11 Home and Home Single Language are designated to individual users for their daily work, browsing, media, and gaming. If you have got a single computer or laptop then you should only buy Windows 11 Home from Microsoft Website or Store. Windows 11 Home will cost around $139 from their official portal or you can even get it at cheap for $15 from third-party sellers.

windows 11 home pro education enterprise

Windows 11 Pro comes with advanced features and extra cost. It’s helpful for managing several computers at the office or organization. It has also got advanced BitLocker device encryption to save user data and files from the lost device. Microsoft charges $199 for the Windows 11 Pro edition, that’s an additional $60 for extra features.

Windows 11 Education edition is specially offered to the schools and the classrooms for the students. Students can enjoy their online classes from home with affordable notebook devices starting just at $219 with a license to the Windows 11 Education edition. Students get a good quality device to withstands multiple drops without damages with extra security and a full-day battery.

Last but not least, Windows 11 Enterprise is designed for collaborative workload for teams. It uses the most advanced VBS guard to give exceptional protection. Windows Hello does not require remembering passwords to log in to your PCs. Remote work enables users to keep contributing with enhanced productivity beyond the office. Windows 11 Enterprise subscription for a user starts at $84 per year.

Windows 11 Upgrade Cost

Windows 11 Home to Pro upgrade will enable all the missing features with an extra cost of $99. Windows 11 Pro upgrade will include BitLocker encryption, Windows Information Protection, Domain Network, Hyper-V Client, and Remote Desktop with centralized management. It’s a worthy upgrade only for small to large businesses owners. Else third-party apps are freely available for simple remote and virtual desktops.

On the other hand, Windows 11 upgrade from the Windows 10 is absolutely free to the same edition. It can be acquired from the Windows Update & Security settings and Installation Assistant or Media

Windows 11 Laptop Price

Windows 11 Laptop price has got a significant hike due to the newer processor requirements policy by Microsoft. Most brands have also started including the faster and compact SSDs in place of bulky HDD. Other graphics specifications have got separate categories from decent to high-end users.

windows 11 laptop

You will get a decent Windows 11 laptop at the starting price of $300 to $400 with all requirements met. A mediocre user can choose a $500 laptop to get superb performance with the Full HD display and an average GPU. The allrounder laptop category begins from $700 all the way to $5000 with the best-customized specifications.

On the other hand, Windows 11 desktop builds will be cheap compared to laptops.

Windows 11 Price in India

Windows 11 Price remains the same in India but in INR (Indian Nation Rupees) and appropriate taxes over boundaries. Windows 11 Home edition costs Rs 10379 and Pro edition is priced at Rs 16515 from Microsoft Website and Store.

That’s everything about Windows 11 Cost Pricing and Upgrade.

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