Printer Not Printing Black – How to fix?(HP, EPSON, Brother, Canon, etc..)

As we know that in professional work or we can say in the office work the printer plays a very vital role. Important papers or documents have to be printed on the time so that it can be handover to the responsible person as soon as possible. Let us assume a situation you are an employee in a company and you have received an order from your boss that to print a document in black ink print then you try to print a document in the printer but you fail to print a document due to some reason, You won’t know the exactly what is the reason behind printer not printing in black ink. In this situation, you will feel frustrated and will have a workload on your head.

printer not printing black
printer not printing black

Printer not printing in black is one of the most common issues of the printer. Don’t worry you are on the right platform which will provide you the best tricks with its solution which will have a positive outcome. At first, to apply any trick you should know the exact reason behind printer won’t print black. Once you know the reason you can apply the trick as per the reason you get. As I have told you that this is a common error, many HP, EPSON, Brother and Canon printer users are suffering from this printer in error state problem. So, taking the eye on the users who are facing this problem we have studied the whole concept and we have come with a bunch of tricks with its detailed solution which will surely help you out to print black and white pages.

So, the common and beneficial tricks are as follows. But make sure you apply the trick as per the reason behind the printer not printing in black ink. And also make sure you follow all the steps in sequence so that you get the expected result by applying below tricks with its detailed solutions.

Check the Printer Status

It means at first check whether your printer is on or off, if it is on then check the cables whether they are connected at the right place or not. After all, if you won’t get your printer to fix then do the power off of your printer and restart your computer and then disconnect all cables which were connected to the computer and printer. Once you are done with this then connect all essential cables to the printer and computer. I must say that connect the cables at the right place so that you can have your printer won’t print black issues fixed. After all, switch on the printer and start the computer and check whether the problem is fixed or not. If not then there is no problem with printer status you should go on our next solution which is given below.

Verify the INK Tube Level

  • First of all, check whether the ink tube is empty or full of ink. If empty then replace the ink tube with a new ink tube.
    printer ink tube level
  • If you don’t want to replace the ink tube then clean the existing tube with the cotton swab. With the cotton swab wipe away all the dust from the tube.
  • Now you have to check that ink tubes are placed at proper slots.
  • If you won’t get the expected result from changing the ink tube then it is proved that there is no issue with an ink tube so you have to navigate to our next solution I hope that the next solution will help you out in fixing this issue.

So, this is how you can check the ink tube level on any EPSON, Brother or HP Canon printers. It will clear your doubt whether the problem is with ink tube or with PrintHead.

Check PrintHead

  • If you won’t find any problem in the ink tube you should once check printhead. Checking printhead means to check whether the printhead is blocked or not. If the printhead is blocked so this will be the main reason for printer not printing black.
  • You can also clean the printheads which will fix your issue. Cleaning printhead has 2 methods first is that if your printer is having a feature that it can clean printhead automatically you don’t have to do it manually. I must say that if you fail to clean printhead once automatically you should try it twice but the disadvantage of this method is that it consumes lots of ink.
  • And the second is that if your printer does not provide the feature to clean automatically printhead you have to go for manual method. In the manual method you have to remove the printhead from the printer and you have to clean it with your hand.

So, this is how you can check the printhead. So, these were the common fixes but if you won’t get expected results from the above tricks you should use or we can say apply our last trick which is somewhat advanced fix.

Update Printer Driver

HP, EPSON, Brother and HP Canon Printer driver or any printer driver of EPSON or Brother printers might create issues with the printers. You need to update the old drivers or install the required drivers of your printer to solve the printer not printing black and white pages. The latest Windows 10 Updates automatically update all the required drivers of all the devices of your system still you can try out third-party driver updater like DriverEasy. External driver software will go through all the devices of your computer and will automatically download and update the latest drivers on your system.

  1. Step 1:You download and install the driver software on your computer. Scan for all the available drivers for your system devices.
  2. Step 2: Update the printer drivers if found by clicking on the update button, it might be left or right side of the screen.
    scan for drivers
  3. Step 3: Some driver software also require the paid version to update all the device drivers on your computer.

So, this was a simple and easy method to update the printer driver on your computer. It will also detect the other faulty device drivers installed on your system.

I hope that this much information is enough for fixing the Printer not printing black and white pages. If one solution doesn’t fix the issue on your HP, Brother or EPSON printer you can for the next solution.

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