Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC – Everything you need to know.!

Microsoft after unveiling Windows 11 came up with one more groundbreaking Windows 365 announcement on the 14th of July 2021. Microsoft is best at bringing new innovative products one after the other. Windows 365 seems one of the most innovative ideas to take Windows Operating System to the cloud.

Microsoft 365 will be a cloud-based PC system for both individuals and organizations. It will enable a new way to stream Windows 10 or Windows 11 with user apps, data, and customized settings from any browser.

Just like streaming the Xbox Pass Games directly from the cloud to your phones and PC, Windows 365 will take the load of powerful resources requirements from Microsoft Clouds and will make it possible to use the operating systems from the low-end PCs. It’s aiming at employees and developers to take full advantage of their cloud computing.

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Nowadays privacy and security are major concerns for users, Windows 365 will store and encrypt user data on their cloud itself. It will be fully secured with their advanced technology.

The Cloud PC

Satya Nadella, being chairman and CEO at Microsoft compared Windows 365 as a new Cloud PC innovation as SaaS was bringing modern applications to the cloud. Organizations’ employees will be able to use the same powerful infrastructure regardless of their locations.

windows 365 cloud pc

Windows 365 Cloud PCs will act as virtual machines that are user-friendly, accessible, powerful, and less prone to technical and security flaws. It enabled remote work by employees from their homes without acquiring company resources.

Cloud PC can turn any device into hybrid computing with personalized productive features and a closed secured environment. Suppose you only have a low-end laptop to browse across your documents but Windows 365 Cloud PC can turn it into a powerful video editor or a developer geek.


Microsoft Windows 365 can adapt multiple forms for all sorts of users. It can be accessed from browsing purposes to high-end laptops. Will store all applications, tools, settings, and data on the cloud to make it easy to access from any device. No need to worry about the storage and other resource requirements with Windows 11 or Windows 10. Organizations can choose to scale up or down as per their requirements and users.

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Users to start from where they left off across devices with easy access. Windows 365 just works like a simple Windows device without any technical or commands. No experience is required to start using the system, everything is represented in a graphical format. Even a non-IT person can easily deploy, update, and thoroughly manage all operations.



Windows 365 is secured by cloud services and the principles of Zero Trust. All the information can be accessed and modified on the cloud itself without any interactions. All the security measures will be immediately applied and updated to the cloud itself. Best security settings are also configured by default.


User Choice for trusted Microsoft Partner

Microsoft will make Windows 365 available to all its cloud partners. User can choose their favorite cloud services from any trusted Microsoft Partners. It will create more innovations for industry-specific solutions. Windows 365 Cloud PCs will create new opportunities for ISVs and OEMs to provide and include Windows Cloud Service in their portfolios.

Further, Microsoft 365 will be available by 2nd August 2021 to all businesses.

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