Jailbreak iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Jailbreak iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Hey Guys, Welcome to EasyWebFixes! In this post, we have discussed each and every information about iOS 11 Jailbreak. Main topics of this post are, What is iOS 11 Jailbreak? What are the advantages of iOS 11 Jailbreak? And then finally it would be easy for you to understand that How to Jailbreak iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad?jailbreak ios

What does iOS Jailbreak mean?

All Apple users must know that Apple doesn’t allow to install third party applications on iPhone or iOS other than Apps available on Apple Store. Every App on Apple Store follows certain rules and never cross any boundary set by Apple, to be installed on an iOS device. This is the main reason behind iOS Jailbreak. If we own the device then it must work according to us and not according to the creator of this device.

Apple implemented certain boundaries for third-party applications to strengthen the security and privacy of users, but now Apple wants to control the user experience and that can’t be digested by users like us and hence we are heading towards iOS Jailbreak.

To Jailbreak iOS 11 we need to allow certain permissions from iOS to the third-party applications. And that can be done by installing certain patches in the kernel of iOS. Whenever iOS device bootup then the device goes under signature and key verification process to check whether each and every file installed on the device must be pre-approved by Apple. Hence while Jailbreaking iPhone we need root privileges so that we can bypass all third-party applications installed on our any iPhone or iPad device.

If you are not worried about voiding your iPhone or iPad warranty then you must go for iOS Jailbreak because you will enjoy hell lot of extra features as below.

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Features of Jailbreak iOS

  1. Dark Mode: Dark Mode with Black Keyboard on Black iPhone looks Great! Black Body with Dark Mode is an awesome combination and it gives great user experience. Dark Mode doesn’t come inbuilt in iPhone and you need to Jailbreak iOS to use this Dark Mode feature on an iOS.ios jailbreak
  2. Hacked Snapchats: Jailbreak iOS will allow you to install hacked Snapchat using which you can upload your gallery images on Snapchat, save Snapchat Stories, Images, and Videos on internal or external SD card.ios 11 jailbreak
  3. Modded Applications: If you want to install modded applications of Mini Militia and COC then iOS won’t allow you to proceed and Jailbreak iOS would be only option to proceed further. You can easily install hack android apps such as WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp on Android but you can’t install hacked iOS apps not on iOS device without iOS Jailbreak.ios 11.0.1 jailbreak
  4. Performance Boost: Jailbreak iOS will allow you to modify the best performance possible by iOS. On iOS Jailbreak device, you can install cleaner which will regularly keep cleaning junk and caches file from your device, which will increase the speed of your device and hence it will become the super device for us.jailbreak ios 11
  5. Tethering Hotspot: If you want to enable hotspot or share internet from your iOS device then you need to pay for it monthly and that’s insane by Apple. Here iOS Jailbreaking will help you out to save your bucks if you want to enable hotspot from your iOS device.jailbreak ios 11.0.1
  6. App Locker: If you want to lock some apps such as Gallery and Video app then iOS Jailbreak is the must. You can keep your own thumbprint as a lock to some apps once you Jailbreak your iOS device.
  7. Customize Home Button: JailBreak iOS will also allow you to customize all functions of Home Button. You can set long tap to turn off the display and reach Home by tapping it one time and set different options for two taps.
  8. Customize Screen Tap Sensors: Like home button, once you Jailbreak your iOS then you can also customize different functions of two on and long tap on display. You can wake up the screen by tapping two times on the display.
  9. Visual Customizations: You can change the sliding of home slides to rolling it into wheels or rectangular slides or fading of slides. That gives a really great feeling of using the premium device.
  10. Customize Apps in Control Central: You can arrange apps as per your choice in control section. You can add more shortcuts to frequently used apps. This isn’t possible without iOS Jailbreak.
  11. Fix All Irritating things about iOS: Whenever you change the volume of your iOS device then you will see the volume banner in the middle of the screen, you can move that volume indicator on top of the screen in the mini status bar area.
  12. Change Camera Settings from Camera App itself: If you want to change camera settings such as pixels from 1080 to 720 pixel then you need to go deep into the camera settings and change the configurations but once you Jailbreak iOS device then you can directly change any camera settings from camera app itself.
  13. Awesome Music Animation on Lock Screen: If you are a lover of music then this is a special feature for you. If you play any music then you would see music animation on the lock screen, it looks awesome. You need to Jailbreak iOS to access this feature.
  14. Stand Out: If you friend would own the same iPhone or if you are using the same iPhone from months then Jailbreaking iOS device would give you the brand new device feelings. Everything on your iPhone from top to bottom would be changed completely.
  15. Other Features: These are just some features of Jailbreaking iOS, once you would Jailbreak your iOS device then you would discover new features daily.

Well after hearing this great features of Jailbreaking iOS 11 you must want to know that How to Jailbreak iOS 11? Well, this is our next main topic.

How to Jailbreak iOS 11?

Jailbreaking iOS 11 is very easy and just a minute task, just follow below instructions to Jailbreak iOS 11 just within a minute:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Visit www.iremotejb.com site.
  3. Click on green button to Start install of Jailbreak.
  4. Now it will take a minute to download and install Cydia on your iOS device.
  5. Here, you may need to verify your device.
  6. Once the iOS Jailbreak patch file and apps download and install is complete, you need to restart your iOS device.

That’s it! Now iOS 11 Jailbreak is complete! iOS Jailbreak would just take a minute and now you can customize your iPhone or iPad as per your requirements. You can install third-party applications, customize functions of the home button, change camera experience, clear junk data and make your iPhone as Super iPhone.

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