Best 5 iOS Emulator For PC – Run iPhone Apps on Windows

iOS Emulator for PC – Run iPhone Apps on Your Windows

iPhone Emulator: Do you want to run iPhone Apps on your PC?

Do you want to play iOS Games on PC? OR Do you want to run iOS apps on your PC? OR Are you iOS app developer and do you want to test your self developed iOS apps on windows PC? Then here what we have got 3 best iOS emulator for PC. Through which you can run iOS apps on your windows PC.

Before digging into the best 5 iOS emulator lets discuss out what are Emulator and Simulators? And what is difference between Emulator and Simulator?

Emulator and Simulator are basically software which can be installed on windows operating system of your PC. Purpose of both software is to run iOS apps on PC. Simulator is used for getting basic features of iOS on your PC. But Emulator actually replicates your iPhone in your PC it is basically used by developers and testers to check the functionality of iOS developed apps. Though iOS simulator for PC also runs many iOS apps in your PC but Emulator are more efficient and recommended.

Now we know the basic difference between Simulators and Emulator. And you also know that Emulator are more efficient and recommended to run iOS apps in your windows PC. So now lets discuss Best 3 iPhone Emulator For PC.

Best 5 iOS Emulator For PC:

IPadian iOS Emulator

IPadian emulator is also one of the best iOS emulator for PC. Feel and touch the new iOS 10 on your laptop with iPadian iOS 10 with many new features. It also includes iMessages, Siri and App Store and you can Try Watch OS and TvOS. Basically there are two versions of iPadian emulator are available in market, free version and licence version. In free version you will get basic features and licence version will include all features and will be ads free. Licence version of iPadian costs only $10. So if your really need iOS emulator for PC badly then you can purchase licence version of iPadian it only costs $10.

iPadian Features:

  • Full Screen preview
  • Custom App Store
  • Play iPhone Games on PC
  • Free music and videos
  • Webkit browser
  • Supports Facebook notification and messages
  • Social Chat


MobiOne Studio

MobiStudio is considered as one of the best iPhone Emulator for PC. The best thing is using MobiOne Studio is unlike BlueStacks 2 Emulator it can run both iOS apps as well as Android apps on our PC. It is also considered as best for developers because MobiOne cross platform apps are built on the popular HTML5 hybrid-native app model using the open-source Cordova or PhoneGap framework. Optionally, you can choose to create an optimized mobile web app or website. So therefore using MobiOne Studio you can play iPhone games on PC.

For most of users MobiOne Studio worked like a charm hence you must give a try to MobiOne Studio Emulator. It is iOS emulator for windows 10.

Air iPhone Emulator:

Air iPhone Emulator is another best iOS emulator for windows. It is best compatible with windows 7, 8 and 8.1. AIR framework is needed for this application to work. AIR iPhone’s sole purpose is to replicate the graphical user interface of the mobile phone. There are many uses for this application. The main one is for developers. Before compiling an application for final release, or maybe while they are writing it, they can upload it to AIR iPhone and see what the application will look like and give it a try. As you can use GBA Emulator to play GBA Games on PC, in the same way you need to use Air iPhone Emulator to play iOS Games on PC.

Download Air iPhone Emulator:


Download AIR Framework:


SmartFace iPhone Emulator

Smartface is also one of the best iOS emulator for windows. It is recommended to developers. If you want to test your own developed iPhone app then go for it. It consists of simple interface and with many developing option. It also allow you to extend SmartFace functionality with the help of external plugins and also options such as testing and debugging are also available.

iPad Simulator for Chrome Extension

iPad simulator for chrome extension is also one of the best iOS emulator for PC. But it is not as great iPadian, MobiStudio and Air iPhone emulator because it load its most of the file from web when you are using. But if you dont want to install any third party iphone app then iPAD Simulator is best for you, you can give a try to this iPhone emulator. It consists of simple and easy iPhone interface.

Main content of the Post was:

So this were five best iOS Emulator for PC. This are used for testing and developing iPhone apps on windows PC and also can play iOS Games on PC or run iOS apps on PC. Do share your views on which one is best iOS emulator for you. And we would glad to resolve your queries in comment section below.

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