How to fix Unable to Verify App on iPhone (6/5/7/8/10) or iOS (11/10/9)?

Fix Unable to Verify App on iPhone (6/5/7/8/10) or iOS (11/10/9): iPhone is a sensational product built by the apple inc. and whats more sensational is the secure platform along with the awesome features. But due to it’s iOS security clashes users are sometimes stuck at some Untrusted Developer Popup while installing apps, which asks users to Verify Apps before installing them on their iPhone.

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Apple unveiled iOS 11 after the release of iPhone X/10 to mark iPhone 10 with improved and better UI. This version of the operating system is special because from this OS onward we got to see the Augmented reality feature which merges virtual and real world. The changes that were introduced in this version are great. The notification center and the locked screen is combined to one which helps to direct the notifications in the lock screen itself. There are many other changes that have been provided in this new version of iOS. But even the mightiest of all have some problems along with it. People are often facing this Unable to verify app with iOS 11 but this problem is not new and moreover, “Unable to verify app” warning cannot be termed as a problem because this is more like a security measure to ensure that only apps from app store can be installed on iOS enabled device, which are tested and certified. Let us take a look a deep look and discuss some measures to fix Unable to Verify App warning on any iPhone (6/5/7/8/10) equipped with any iOS version (11/10/9).

Unable to Verify App

unable to verify app

The apps that are available in the iTunes app store are verified and certified apps and iOS don’t have any problem with those apps. The reason because of which these apps are verified already is because they are examined carefully and those apps which do not meet the violation policies of iTunes app store are eliminated. Now when you want to install an enterprise app or a third party app the iOS does not recognize the certificate of that app and thus the installation of the app seems to fail with a message unable to Verify App.

A popup with message “Unable to Verify App” usually appears while installing any third-party or enterprise apps like university app, or private apps or organization app and so on. If you are finding a solution to these problems than you are on the right track. You can check the methods provided below to resolve your problem.

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How to Verify App on iOS traditionally?

Traditionally iOS provides a window for its developer to get trusted and allow the access to add an app to the Verified App List. In case you have downloaded an app your device need to trust it so that you can use the app on the basis of the security certificate. Trusting an app is very simple in iOS. Let’s check out the procedure.

Trust App on Your iPhone

  • Firstly you have to ensure that there are no apps running in the background and that your device is connected to the internet.
  • Once you have confirmed that, you need to go to your device settings and thereupon General settings where you will find profiles and device management. Once you have located that click on it to go to the next screen.
  • In the next screen, you will find series of apps, find the app that you want to verify.
  • Once you have located that app, click on it. A pop-up window will appear which will ask you to trust this app or not. If you need to run the app on your device you need trust this app. Once trusted, the app will run smoothly on your iOS device.

trust app on iphone

In case this method fails, then there is a second option.

Reset Date & Time on Automatic Timezone

  • Go to your settings menu on your device and thereupon go to General settings.
  • In general, settings find for Date and time settings.
  • Thereupon, turn on the set automatically button. The indication will be turned to green if it gets active.
  • Once set automatically is turned on, you need to wait for your device to locate your time zone automatically.
  • Once your device has found and set your device time zone, you can move on to the next step.
  • Now go to profiles and management again and find your app and click it. In the next window, press “VERIFY” to trust this app and you will get to see that the app will be trusted subsequently.
  • Before you go the previous step, ensure that you have a good wifi connection with high-speed internet.

Download App from Some Other Source

  • Firstly you need to find the same app from some other third party source such as Softonic or CNET.
  • Once you have found an app of your choice, click on install and it will start installing on your iOS.
  • Thereupon go to the settings of your device and then go to Device and management.
  • Next, you need to find the app you just installed, once you find the app, you need to click on the app.
  • In the next window, you will need to click on the “verify” module after which a window will appear asking for your permission to “verify”.
  • Click on the verify button to verify the app and then you can enjoy the app on your iOS device, uninterruptedly.

Since its 2018, there are numerous ways to verify third-party apps on your iOS devices. The above ways showed you how to verify apps without jailbreaking your device effortlessly.

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More ways through which you can verify apps is through jailbreaking and it is risky and as well as tiresome. First, you need to jailbreak your device which is itself a tiring job then you need to do tasks to verify the apps. So it’s better to use the steps that do not lead you to jailbreak your device to verify apps. whatever way you use to verify apps, there remains a threat to your device as not all third-party apps can be trusted and there may be some serious violation of policies of iTunes app store which lead to termination of those third-party apps.

It is highly likely that your device can be attacked by hackers and malware and you may lose your important data that were stored on your device. But then there are numerous apps which can be trusted but due to a minor violation of policies, they are banned from iTunes app store. In that cases, Apple is providing numerous apps for those apps developer to get trusted and some of the ways can be found on apple forums.

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