iPhone 7 (or Plus) Won’t Turn ON – How to fix?

For some iPhone users, iPhone 7 behaving ill and for some iPhone 7 won’t turn on after a sudden or manually turning off. We all know that iPhone is technologically leading company throughout the world. iPhone is one of the most desired phone for many people around the world and iPhone 7 is now also one of the most popular from all versions of iPhone. It is very favorite to its users and they love it very much. If the phone shows any problem, they will get tensed about their precious phone. Shut down suddenly or not turning on is one of the common problems for many iPhone 7 users. That’s why here we are going to show you some easy and understandable solutions to the problem so that you can resolve the problem flexibly.

iphone 7 wont turn on

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Recharge iPhone 7

iPhone that won’t run can be insufficiently charged or can contain drained battery and as a result it doesn’t show any response at the time of pressing power button. So, if you see that your iPhone 7 doesn’t turn on, you should have checked whether it is charging problem or not.

For checking that you should charge it at least one hour. At the time of charging you should use actual charger otherwise amperes, voltage and plug type doesn’t match and as a result charging will not be done properly. However, after charging at required amount you should try to turn it on by pressing power button. You can press up to 15 second to open it. If the device doesn’t respond, you have to try in the other way. Before going to the other way, you should check out closely the charging port (Lightning Port), the iPhone cable (Lightning Cable) that the port and cable is okay or not.

Restart iPhone 7

Restarting iPhone 7 can be a fruitful solution if the phone doesn’t respond. To restart the device, you have to press and keep holding the sleep/wake button which stays on the right top of the phone until the red slider appears on the screen.

Slide the slider to turn it off and repeat to turn it back on. If this way doesn’t work you have to force to restart. To force a restart press and hold the sleep/wake button and volume down button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Then you may be able to restart your phone and fix the issue.

Restore iPhone 7

Restoring iPhone 7 would be an effective solution for you if you fall in the problem that we have discussed earlier. It is necessary to mention here that if you restore your phone, you will lose all data, pictures and apps that you haven’t backed up. However, to restore your iPhone you have to follow the following steps:

  1. At first connect the phone to iTunes
  2. Then after a while you will see a pop-up message that give you an option to restore or update the phone.
  3. Click on restore option
  4. Then iTunes will start restoring your device. It can take about 20-30 minutes to complete the task.
  5. After completing the process, you may be able to turn on your favorite device.

Hard reset iPhone 7

If the already given solution doesn’t work for your issue, then you can go for another one called hard resetting. It is the process of vanishing all the power of the iPhone which is similar of removing battery from the smartphone. We all know that iPhone 7 have no battery that you can replace it. So, only thing you can do that hard resetting the iPhone. It is important to mention here that before executing the solution way you have to observe closely that low power sign is visible or not. We recommend you that if you see the sign you should not go for the hard resetting. On the contrary if you don’t see the sign, you can go to this way.

However, to reset the phone first you should hold down the home button and power button at the same time. Keep holding both buttons until you see the apple logo on the screen. Then it will automatically reboot. Here you can see a message that can suggest to connect the device to iTunes to restore the phone. Restore your phone with the help of iTunes and get your phone responsive as earlier.

Repair iPhone 7 with Apple

Apple repairs iPhones at the Genius Bar in Apple Stores. If the other solutions don’t work, you can go to the Apple store. Before going into the store, first you should visit Apple website to make a Genius Bar appointment into the store because apple stores are extremely busy. If you don’t have an appointment, you may have to wait for hours.

When you arrive at the store, you should go to the Genius Bar to check in for your appointment. If you are under warranty, your phone can be repaired on the spot without any cost. But if you are out of warranty, you may be asked for money. Beside this way, you can get help through apple’s online mail in service or direct calling apple tech support.

Here we have given you five unique solutions to you to get rid of the problem. We recommend you to follow the solutions one after another not randomly. It is known to all that iPhone is very expensive phone in the phone markets. You may get fear seeing disturbance in your phone which took huge money from you. Don’t be depressed falling such kind of situation. We are confidently saying that you must get relief from the issue following one of our ways. We know you will be very happy if you get back your valuable phone active. That’s why here we have given you some simple and easy solution for you so that you can fix the interruption with relax. We are hoping that you will be greatly benefited staying with us and lead an interruption free happy life with your phone.

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