{5 Tricks}How to make the best Matches on Tinder without paying?

Well, in today’s world all types of relations are born and developed on social media because all people are addicted to it and they are not able to give time to others physically due to work and all. To bring the people closer Tinder was launched in 2012 and it is still the best dating app available in the market, today many youngsters are using it to find their dating partner. Tinder is mainly used to make matches or we can say pairs. Many users have questioned that How to make the best match on tinder without payment? So, I would say to all tinder users that if you are on this article then you don’t need to be confused because all the information about tinder application is included in this blog.Tinder Without Paying

Tinder Without Paying

Tinder is all about making the best matches and bonds with others. There are 2 tinder one is only tinder that is free so you can make matches on it without paying and second is Plus subscription in it you have to pay money for plus subscription. There is one Tinder Plus subscription and another one is Tinder Gold, both offer different features like see who liked you on tinder, unlimited swipe, undo your liked or disliked action and many more. Different plans cost according to their features but remember that our goal is to date online without paying money for tinder gold or plus subscription.

Make below changes on your Tinder profile and see the magic:

  • You have to design your profile in a good way like set your profile photo without sunglasses because if you want to make the best matches then be genuine on it.
  • You can make an attractive Tinder bio by adding your qualification, achievements, recent status of yours and you can also add your hobbies.
  • To make the best matches your location also matters lots because if there are more users near you then there more chances of a match. So, it depends on the location where you use from.

Well, if you implement the above points on your tinder profile then I am sure that you will easily start getting the matches freely without paying for Tinder Gold. Make sure you have login Tinder without Facebook account as it will automatically fetch your Facebook interest, Profile Picture, and friends on Tinder. Apart from these basic points also consider below three best tricks and tips to make the best matches on tinder. Read them and implement them on your tinder.

Do Settings for Matches

To get the best matches on the tinder without paying you just have to do settings in the tinder by reading the following points. Make sure you change the settings as mentioned in the below points.

  • In the settings of the tinder, it provides a Maximum Distance slider which should be pushed to the right side. Now let me clarify what it means? It will increase the geographical area so due to your matches will be increased and it will best match for you. To implement this setting launch the Tinder on your device and tap on the Profile icon and then click on Settings. Lastly, slide the Maximum Distance slider to the right side. Tinder Gold Without Paying
  • In this way, you can also increase the range of age by doing Age Range slider right side. By increasing Age Range you will have more and best matches. Set Your Partner Age on Tinder

Make Your Bio Attractive

At this point, I will tell you how to make an attractive bio or we can say written profile. Always remember your presentation matters the most whether you have paid for the dating service or you want to date anyone from your friend list. Bio plays the major presentation role after Profile Picture, it will definitely attract the perfect date for you. Go through the below tips to make your Tinder Bio more attractive than your competitor fellows.

  • In the written profile you should add a good tagline. Many users do not know what is a tagline? So tagline is thought of yours that is written in text or we can also say a slogan. So, write an attractive slogan as per your mind.
  • Make sure you fill all the information in bio because if there is no information given related to you then the users will skip your profile so to be accessed by more users fill all the information about you in the written profile.
  • On the other side, you also have to make sure that your bio should not be too lengthy because lengthy bio can make the person boring and they switch to another profile. So, try to reduce the text.

Set or Edit Attractive Profile Picture

In Tinder, your profile picture also matters a lot because most of the users are interested in your account when you have an attractive profile picture so it makes clear that your profile picture should be just awesome. Even Tinder Gold users can’t ignore this tip. So, follow the below tricks to make your profile picture attractive.

  • At first set profile picture of your photo but the quality of your photo must be high.
  • Your photo should be natural and it should reveal a positive attitude.
  • Give a proper pose for the photo and give a good filter to it.
  • Don’t set a photo in the profile which is in a group. So, you have to set a photo in which you are alone.

So these 3 are the main points that should be considered before editing the profile.

Free Alternative of Tinder Dating App

Now in this, we will also suggest the 3 best free alternative dating applications apart from Tinder. Namely Bumble, Tastebuds, and Hily are the best free dating applications like Tinder. Each free tinder app has its own pros and cons as per their feature and number of users in your country. You can also hide apps on Android phone if you are already dating a partner from other dating apps. Tinder is most widely used for dating affairs, no app can bypass Tinder when compared to the number of users. Anyway, you must give tryout other free dating app services.


Well, Bumble is also a social app that is launch with a motto of connecting people of the same thinking and it serves a service that connects the people for their bondings. Bumble also provides extra features on the paid subscription but its free version also gives a tough fight to the paid Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus subscription.  In this application, there is one limitation or we can say a feature if we see it with a positive view. Let me explain this feature with an example that if a male user wants to make contact with the female user then he cant do it and only female users can make the first contact with the male user. If the gender of both users is the same then both have the opportunity to contact each other first. So, due to this feature, Wolfe Herd has given name to this app that is the “Feminist dating app”. Wolfe herd is a founder of the Bumble dating app. Bumble dating application


Tastebuds is a social app for iOS and networking websites which is mainly used for music interested people. In your profile, you can add your favorite music and users can listen to it when they access your profile. It also gives the feature of searching for music and adding it to the profile. This app is mostly used in large cities that why its audience is small it works perfectly fine for metro city people. Find your mate on Tastebuds without paying for the online Tinder dating. If you are the music lover then you should use it. So, go on its official website and download it and install it on your device. Tastebuds


Hily is a dating app that is free to use. The Hily dating application is for 18+ and singles who want to make bonds. The most interesting part of Hily is that it analysis the use, profiles, likes, and comments and by doing this it generates the best match for interaction. So, the person who is regular using Hily and sustains update on it will have the best matches on it. On Hily you can also give a request for a particular feature so that it means that it develops with the suggestion of its users. On it, you can also send photos, videos, messages, and GIFs so your interaction becomes attractive.Free Tinder App

So, these were the 3 alternative free dating applications apart from the Tinder. So, you don’t need to go for Tinder Gold for best matches you can switch to this application too. Also, download Facebook desktop app for Windows to use dating apps on your computer.

I hope that you are cleared that how to make the best matches on the Tinder without payment and you are also clear about the alternative dating application of Tinder so it is on you which application you prefer.

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